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Dinamo did a routine job and passed to the 3rd preliminary round

FC ASTANADINAMO ZAGREB 0:2 (Emreli 24′, Marin 88′)

ASTANA: Čondrić – Hovhanisjan, Markočin, Tomašević, Amanović (Dosmagambetov 41′), Vorogovskij – Tomasov, Ebong, Lončar, Aimbetov (Astanov 69′) – Prokopenko (Darboe 46′)

DINAMO: Livaković – Mohrrami, Ristovski, Šutalo (Bernauer 68′), Mihajličenko – Mišić (Lukanić 78′), Sučić – Špikić – Ljubičić (Baturina 78′), Emreli (Drmić 78′) – Petković (Marin 68′)

It is the beginning of August, and Dinamo has secured the minimum goal. The goal was to ensure a European autumn. They confirmed the group stage by placing in the third preliminary round of the Champions League, and now they face the Greek champion AEK. If they lose in the upcoming two qualifying rounds, Dinamo will remain playing in the Conference League. Dinamo scored six goals in two games, indicating a massive difference between these clubs.

Regardless of the artificial grass and the “normal” stadium, in relation to Maksimir, Dinamo routinely did the job. With the goals of Emrelio and Marin, Dinamo looked like they were doing training. Astana showed some game, but not enough to make up the gap from Zagreb. But it also stands that no club has ever made up for a four-goal difference.

Igor Bišćan set a predictable tactic, and the idea is that Dinamo has control of the ball and the match. Dinamo dominated, and the question of capitalizing the game was of the moment. It happened in the 24th minute with a goal by Emreli. Astana began to open up little by little, which left much space in the corridors with which Dinamo’s players could create actions unhindered. Dominik Livaković did the job at a high level. Dinamo’s inactive game led to Bišćan making five substitutions towards the end of the game. In the 88th minute, Marin increases the lead in this match and confirms passage to the next part of the competition.

Dinamo remains to play as it knows how and can go through to the playoffs of the Champions League qualification. AEK Athens is not so strong that it should be feared and cannot be passed. Let’s hope that Dinamo has learned from its past mistakes and will go as far as possible.

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