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Josko Gvardiol is reportedly close to a new club

By the end of the week, Joško Gvardiol should become the new player of the English giant Manchester City, who continued negotiations with the Germans, and Bild writes that it should not be surprising if the job is done already today. The biggest negotiation problem is the amount of compensation because the Germans are not giving up on their plan and the bonuses that RB Leipzig could get.

Manchester City is offering 90 million euros, RB Leipzig is asking for 100 million euros, and they are still trying to reduce the difference. But the agreement is close. Regardless of whether he goes for 90 million euros, Gvardiol will break the record for defensive players. That record is held by Harry Maguire, who arrived at Manchester United for 87 million euros.

It is necessary to mention that RB Leipzig must pass 20% of the earnings to Dinamo Zagreb, and they will have to invest all their resources to find a replacement for Gvardiol. The Germans have already found a substitute for the Croatian defender, namely the French Lyon player – Castello Lukebi. They offered 34 million euros for him, which comes from the fact that the French rejected offers of 27 million and 30 million euros.

A tapeworm has formed around Gvardiol because many have already seen him in Manchester. Gvardiol is currently at the RB Leipzig training camp in South Tyrol. The leaders of the German club wash their hands of everything. The director of the Germans, Max Eberl, told the German Sky Sport that they don’t need the money at the moment because they have secured the finances with the help of some transfers and they have their ideas and plans in which they want to keep Gvardiol.

Gvardiol has a contract with RB Leipzig until 2027, and the club decided not to jump at the first ball and allowed the Croatian defender to show himself at the last World Cup held in Qatar. He hit the nail on the head with that approach because Manchester City is the only real strangler when bringing in Croats.

But before bringing in Gvardiol, Manchester City needs to do financial fair play, and since Rayad Mahrez will most likely leave the English club and go to the Arabian Peninsula, the English could close the financial circle and start further actions. It is a question of when the Citizens will send an offer that will crush the Germans.

The saga surrounding the Croatian representative resembles that of Modrić. In July, now far back in 2008, Luka Modrić moved from Dinamo to London’s Tottenham for 22.5 million euros. But a few years later, Modrić moved to Real Madrid, and then there was a big battle over his transfer to the Spanish club.

Let’s hope that this saga surrounding Gvardiol will finally be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved in this transfer so that the Croatian defender can concentrate on football.

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