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Due to the event that preceded the match, the Greek and Croatian champions will not be able to compete

Last night there were riots on the streets of the capital of Greece – Athens! Namely, about 200 Dinamo hooligans came to Greece and participated in riots before the match between their club and the Greek champions. The conflict with the Greek hooligans happened around 10 p.m. local time, and everything took place around the stadium and in front of it.

UEFA had previously banned both clubs from hosting their fans, but Dinamo fans still decided to travel to Athens. However, the idea with which they headed to the capital of Greece is wild. Creating a riot where one person died and several others were seriously injured is a rough idea; only a fool can remember this.

But what is their responsibility? The responsibility is significant because one person was tragically injured. Who is to blame? The Greek police and AEK as the organizer of this match. If you know that this is a high-risk match, then you have to prepare for it, involve the police (even the border police on all fronts), and not put the blame on the other club.

The Greek police investigated this unfortunate event, but where were they, when, and where should they have been? Why weren’t they around the stadium? Why didn’t they react when the fans entered Greece? Greece needs to be more responsible and prepared for everything. This says everything about the situation in Greece.

As for AEK, it is frivolous to blame others when you are guilty. You can’t ask for something completely different when it’s your fault that everything happened. If you can’t organize a match, withdraw from the competition, and don’t blame others. You are the organizer, so AEK should take care of security in and around the stadium the day before, the day of the game, and the day after.

We are sorry for the tragically deceased person, and we now express our condolences to the family and relatives.

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