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The great Filip Hrgović knocked out the Australian boxer Demsey McKean and thus defended the title of the first challenger, according to the IBF

In his 16th appearance in his professional career, Filip Hrgović achieved the same number of victories. In London, he defeated Australian Demsey McKean by technical knockout in the last round. Hrgović dominated the entire match, although it seemed he was keeping the advantage he had gained towards the end of the match.

This was Hrgović’s first appearance this year. After the Chinese Zhilei Zhang victory, Hrgović did not perform because he had big problems finding his next opponent. Australian Demsey McKean was the one who decided to accept this challenge.

In professional sports, Hrgović had 15 matches in which he was not defeated. Even with the victory against the Chinese, Hrgović acquired a mandatory challenger according to the IBF in the heavyweight category. The Australian must have been motivated to take the challenger’s place from him.

The Australian McKean was also undefeated in his 22 fights. In those 22 fights, he had as many as 14 victories by knockout. According to BoxRec’s ranking, he is the 55th boxer in the world. Both fighters entered this match as undefeated boxers.

From the first round, Hrgović showed how much more dominant a boxer he is. From the first round, it was revealed that the Australian had a lousy way of fighting and made the fight passive. Constantly McKean initiated that clinch. It was rude of the referee always to warn him, and he allowed it for almost the entire match.

Although McKean was a difficult opponent, Hrgović showed quality and could box with the best. Due to a passive fight by the Australian, Hrgović finished the job only in the 12th round and thus defended his status as a mandatory challenger, according to the IBF.

Hrgović will be heard about in the future.

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