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Dinamo and Rijeka played return matches in European competitions, and the only luck is that Dinamo will play in the Euro groups

SPARTA PRAGUE – DINAMO 4:1 (Haraslin 2′, Sorensen 24′, Panak 67′, Olatunji 87’/Baturina 71′)
SPARTA: Vindahl – Sorensen, Panak, Krejči – Wiesner (Pešek 84′), Laci (Sadilek 68′), Kairinen, Ryneš (Zeleny 63′) – Olatunji, Kuchta (Kuchta 84), Haraslin (Birmančević 63′)
DINAMO: Nevistić – Moharrami (Šutalo 46′), Ristovski, Perić, Ljubičić – Mišić, Bulat (from 89. Drmić) – Špikić (Špikić 72′), Baturina, Marin (Mihajličenko 46′) – Petković

Horror! Disaster! That’s how Dinamo’s performance in Prague can be described. Dinamo suffered a heavy defeat in Prague. He did not preserve his advantage from Zagreb and continued his European journey in the Conference League. Dinamo played very poorly. In fact, he played desperately.

The very beginning of the game showed all the weaknesses that Dinamo had in this game. Sparta took the lead in the 2nd minute of the match, and in the 24th minute the hosts had 2:0. Dinamo played a bit at the beginning of the second half, but that somehow disappeared. In the 67th minute, Panak increases the lead. Four minutes later, Martin Baturina reduces the score with a breakthrough and leads Dinamo into overtime. But Dinamo would not be Dinamo if they had kept their advantage. Olatunji scored for the final result in the 87th minute of the match.

The game from the first game against Sparta and the one against Rijeka seemed to have disappeared. It was as if Dinamo did not exist on the field. Maybe they thought they were through to the Europa League groups? This should not happen to a serious club, nor should it happen in European competitions. This is a very painful defeat because Dinamo was eliminated, first from the race for the Champions League, and then from the Europa League.

A month and a half ago and with two to three reinforcements, Dinamo would have looked like a serious club that would seriously compete in the Champions League. Today, Dinamo looks like it can only play in the third-tier competition. Let’s hope he can do a good job.
If Dinamo continues to play like this, they will not have a good time in the third-tier European competition. According to the coefficient, they are in second place and are in “second” place for winning the third-class competition. However, if Dinamo concentrates on the team and management and completes the winter period correctly, they can do something.

Dinamo will play the conference game where they will be welcomed by some old acquaintances. In the group, they will play with Viktoria Plzeň, which they kicked out a few years ago in the spring part of the Europa League, Astana, which they already eliminated in the Champions League qualifiers and conceded six points to in two games, and with the Kosovo club Balkani.

Now they will play the Conference league where Dinamo will find out their opponents. Dinamo dropped from the first grade to the third rank in the competition. Dinamo has to play with these opponents, and they have already played with one opponent. If the autumn part of the Euro competition is approached seriously, then there should be no problem to pass the group. After that, may God help them win the Conference League.

RIJEKA – LILLE 1:1 (Smolčić 58./David 109.)
RIJEKA: Labrović – Smolčić, Galesić, Mitrović, Goda – Hodža (Bogojević 116′), Selahi (Ilinković 86′) – Pašalić (Grgić 76′), Fruk (Liber 104′), Janković (Vukčević 46′) – Ivanović (Obregon 76′)
LILLE: Chevalier – Santos, Yoro (Diakite 87′), Alexsandro, Ismaily – Andre, Gomes – Zhegrova (Yazici 99′), Cabella (Umtiti 115′), Cavaleiro (Haraldsson 87′) – David

It was a fighting and brave Rijeka. Rijeka proudly and courageously stayed out of European competitions after an incredible fight in the last European 120 minutes. Rijeka had everything, but not luck. They took the lead in the 58th minute through Smolčić. They kept the score and went into extra time. Unfortunately, it was fatal in the 109th minute when David equalized the score.

LOSC Lille was not a better opponent. At least not that much better team. Rijeka bravely entered the meeting, they were full of energy. But after Rijeka’s initial pressure, Lille woke up and started to show their quality. It was not that impressive, regardless of the fact that they play in a stronger league. Already in the middle of the first half, LOSC Lille started wasting time. Maybe the bad weekend in the French championship left its mark.

In overtime, LOSC Lille managed to keep the ball in their possession, but there was no quality finish. Rijeka tried to create opportunities, but the visitors’ goalkeeper was by far the best player on the field.

Now Rijeka is left with the championship and the cup. They should focus on the best possible results in the remaining competitions. But they already have two games against the leading clubs in Croatia. In both games, they lost by a goal difference. Let’s hope that next season will be better.

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