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RK Zagreb played the second game in the EHF Champions League

PSG – ZAGREB 35:31
PSG: Palicka (5+1), Green (3); Marchan, Steins 7, Keita, Sole 1, Tonnesen 2, Balaguer 2, Grebille 2, Syprzak 8 (6), L. Karabatić 3, Mathe 2, Holm 3, N. Karabatić 2, Prandi 3, Plantin. Coach Raul Gonzalez
ZAGREB: Mandić (8), Panjtar (2); Kos 2, Ćavar, Walcsak 2, Faljić 3, Klarica 4, Gojun, Srna 3, Klis, Sirotić 2, Čupić 2, Dibirov 5 (2), Kavčić, Glavaš 1, Morales 7. Coach Andija Nikolić

After the defeat against Kiel, RK Zagreb played against Paris SG. The people of Prague won with a score of 35:31. But it was not easy for the hosts to beat the Croatian champion. RK Zagreb left a good impression and that it can play with the best teams.

RK Zagreb started with a 6-0 defense, and Srna and Morales started. It was a complete goal for Zagreb. They played a very good game where they carried the rushers and where he was as specific as possible. In the first half, RK Zagreb was equal and played goal for goal. And in some situations they took the lead even though Paris did not allow a sensation.

The goalkeeper of RK Zagreb Mandić was good and had moments when he defended difficult balls. But the guests had their mistakes, which, let’s say, were expected. They had 4 players sent off, and there was also an unused penalty kick. The technical errors that occurred led to the fact that RK Zagreb did not break away to a greater advantage. Regardless of the mistakes, RK Zagreb looked like a team.

Paris SG didn’t seem violent and fast like when they can be. Unlike the guests, the hosts have a fairly wide bench. This means having organization and quality. With individual quality, the hosts solved some situations that kept them in the lead. With one more player, the hosts were able to catch air and bring the game to an end in an easier way.

The last ten minutes were the hardest. Morales was injured, and the judges forgot something in that case. They tried to lock down the most important players of Paris, but it just didn’t work. In the end, Paris SG won with a 4-goal difference, which was the biggest difference in the match.

We can wonder how much strength Paris SG played with considering that it is the beginning of the season! Can RK Zagreb compete in the EHF Champions League? How long will this team function like this? What is the problem with Croatian handball? We will deal with these topics in the near future.

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