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The IBF has finally updated the rankings, and many do not believe that the boxing organization will give up money and take away the belt from the current champion.

Last week there were rumors and information that the IBF will take away the belt from the winner between Usyk and Fury if they do a rematch and if the same belt is not defended against Filip Hrgović. Although it is hard to believe that the IBF will just give up what it has in its hands, the boxing organization is firm in its decision and has no intention of giving up on it.

The IBF has now officially updated the heavyweight rankings and will order Filip Hrgović (IBF #1) and Otto Wallin (IBF #2) to fight for the vacant IBF heavyweight title next year, if the winner of Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyka belt will be taken as expected. Anthony Joshua is IBF #3.

Michael Benson

Yesterday, they finally updated the rankings after last week’s fight between Wallin and Gassiev. Although Hearn and Joshua “cast their eyes” on Filip Hrgović and the title, it seems that their wish will not come true. Now that the ranking has been updated, the list of challengers has Filip Hrgovic in first place, Otto Wallin in second place and former champion Anthony Joshua in third place.

But sports politics wouldn’t be what it is if there wasn’t a little drama. Michael Benson reported that the IBF will organize a world champion fight between Filip Hrgović and Otto Wallin if Fury and Usyk organize a rematch. Many do not believe that the IBF will give up the money and take away the champion’s belt, but for now they promise so. For now, this is good news for the Croatian boxer. Let’s hope that there will be an opportunity for Filip Hrgović to attack the world title.

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