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A black cloud has hung over Ajax this season, and how it will be the rest of the season remains to be seen

Ajax connected two league victories, although blackness and record bad streaks were the main and integral part of Ajax’s game at the start of this season. A new coach – John van’t Schip – sat on the bench at Ajax. He started with wins against Volendam and Heerenveen. Although in these two matches Ajax did not look powerful, it is up to the new coach to build a better future.

The new coach pointed out that three players showed a much better game, and among them is Josip Šutalo, who came to Ajax from Dinamo Zagreb. Šutalo finally received a few words of praise, and that in the midst of relentless evaluations. Of course, the word “coach” has greater symbolism and significance than the word “journalist”. On Sunday, Van’t Schip decided to listen to all the players in order to gain insight into their problems. And Šutalo was one of the first to go for an interview.

This is our principle. We wonder how the players are feeling and how they are experiencing the past five months. We listen to them, and then we look for a way to help

John van’t Schip, Ajax coach

Šutal’s problems were big and they reached the point that he wanted to return to Zagreb. That’s what Andy van der Meyde argued. Let’s hope that the new coach and the Croatian defense have found a solution and that they will once again provide good performances on the field. I guess the conversation is the solution to get out of the individual crisis.

The new coach experienced Josip Šutal positively. Now all that’s left for him is to rise even though Dutch legends like Rafael van der Vaart give harsh criticism. This was to be expected considering the Ajax crisis this season. Can Šutalo go from being a tragedian to being a hero? It remains for us to see, as time is the best indicator.

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