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In the last match, Hajduk won away from Osijek by a minimum score

OSIJEK – HAJDUK 0:1 (Livaja 42′)
OSIJEK: Malenica – Manev (Pušić 46′), Bralić, Duarte – Gržan, Nejašmić, Brlek (Caktaš 46′), Jugović (Matković 86′), Dambrajev (Bukvić 46′) – Omerović (Lovrić 78′), Mierez
HAJDUK: Lučić – Sigur (Kalik 90′), Uremović, Šarlija, Diallo – Pukštas, Žaper, Krovinović (Odjida-Ofoe 68′) – Sahiti (Trajkovski 68′), Livaja, Dajaku (Moufi 58′)

In a short time, Osijek and Hajduk played two matches. In the first part of the Croatian championship, the match was canceled and moved to last night’s date. The reason for that is the European club competitions.

In this article, we won’t even comment on the match because it was pretty bad anyway. And the goal was scored as a “gift” from the Osijek players anyway. That’s how Hajduk paid Osijek back for the loss in Split. The impression around the host and the guests was rather desperate.

Although some actions were created from both sides, it does not make the match a good one. How much the impression is improved because of the stadium where they played, but that means nothing if they will continue to play in this way that both teams have shown.

The behavior of some players is reprehensible in every way. As some players are moving and running around the field, it is good that the team is functioning at all. It was in this match that the two teams that talked the most about the refereeing met, but could not see beyond their “finger”, that is, they could not see how they were playing. Talk less, play more. And there will be results in all respects.

Although Hajduk was somehow better than the desperate Osijek, it was not an overly good game and the way you want to succeed in winning continuously. In the 42nd minute of the match, near the end of the first half and when you go to rest, you give the ball to the opponents. The action for the goal was born out of that gift. One used opportunity and there’s the victory. More luck than cleverness.

This defeat hurts me, let’s make a mistake and concede a goal. I apologize to the fans, I accept responsibility

Zoran Zekić, NK Osijek coach

In order to raise the level of play and impression in such matches, you must have a good transition period and quality preparations. It will not work otherwise. Only good business can bring results.

But how good is it to postpone the games? It’s not good at all to postpone games. Just by postponing the match, you disrupt the rhythm of the teams. Especially if they are playing in European competitions. You won’t have quality if you don’t get the team used to the rhythm of midweek and weekend games.

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