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In the eighth round of the Croatian basketball league, KK Dinamo won its seventh victory

KK Dinamo beat KK Dubrava in the eighth round of the Premier League in the KC Dražen Petrović hall with a score of 86:72 (28:17, 18:24, 23:8, 17:23). With this victory, KK Dinamo recorded their seventh championship victory in eight rounds played. This was an excellent result for a club whose second season is in the highest Croatian basketball league.

From the first quarter, KK Dinamo took control of the game. With a quick attack and concentrated defense, the hosts easily gained a double-digit advantage. At the beginning of the second quarter, KK Dubrava returned, and KK Dinamo found themselves in a black hole. Although Josip Sesar made rotations in order to reduce mistakes, KK Dinamo went into the break with a five-point lead.

At the beginning of the second half, KK Dinamo gets back into the rhythm and reduces the number of errors in the attack. Also, he raised his aggressiveness in defense. This resulted in the fact that the players of KK Dubrava scored only eight points in the third quarter. At one point, KK Dinamo had an advantage of 20 points. The last quarter of the game belonged to KK Dubrava, but this did not threaten the victory of the host.

With this victory, KK Dinamo confirmed second place in the league table. The most prominent individuals for KK Dinamo were Ivan Novačić with 22 scored baskets and Ivan Vučić with 18 baskets and 13 rebounds. For now, this is the best result for KK Dinamo. Perhaps in a few years, we will get a top club for European competitions.

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