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Dinamo should go for Ivo Grbić, who is currently a member of Atletico Madrid. Contacts have already been established

At Maksimir, the goalkeeper position is marked as the first “pick” of the transition period. Dinamo had plans to bring in Nediljko Labrović from Rijeka, but that plan is increasingly falling apart because it is too expensive. How would he not be too expensive when in a very weak league he has only average performances in Rijeka’s goal.

Coach Sergej Jakirović was right when he put Danijel Zagorec in goal for Dinamo. True, he made a risky move, Zagorac replaced Ivan Nevistić. And since he stood in Dinamo’s goal, he is one of the best individuals in Dinamo’s ranks. He saved Dinamo in several situations, and after the match in Rujevica against Rijeka, it seems that, for now, he is “cemented” in goal. At least until the winter break.

Thus, the goalkeeper position will be the first selection option in a reasonable time. Let’s mention that at the end of the summer grace period, when Jakirović came to the coaching bench, Dinamo wanted to bring Labrović. However, there was not much time to realize that transfer. And the question is, how fit and good would Labrović be for performances in European competitions? Hand on heart, but Labrović is not such a good goalkeeper for great feats in European competitions.

And when it comes to Dinamo, at least when it comes to the HNL, when they want to buy a player from the domestic league, then everyone in Croatia has a growing appetite and they have no limits in setting prices. Rijeka is no different when it comes to making an exit transfer to Dinamo. This is one of the problems of Croatian football. At least Rijeka, Hajduk and Osijek should reduce their appetites if they make transfers within the borders of Croatia, and increase them when they make transfers to foreign clubs. For everything else, there is the result in European competitions and thus the higher price is determined. Not a single club from the HNL has that. Of course, except for Dinamo, although that is also very questionable this year.

Damir Mišković, a duplicitous business player from Rijeka, after everything that happened between Rujevica and Maksimir, will certainly not give any discount on bringing in players. According to the information provided by the portal, Labrović is being followed by foreign clubs, and the biggest focus is on Belgium’s Anderlecht and Germany’s Broussija Mönchengladbach.

However, as the portal found out, Dinamo decided on “PLAN B”. That “PLAN B” is completely exclusive and, indeed, unbelievable. The key people of Dinamo are planning an “attack” on the Atletico Madrid goalkeeper – Ivo Grbić! Namely, Grbić is the first substitute for Jan Oblak, who is untouchable in the Atletico Madrid goal, and gets chances at a drop of a hat. As his contract expires in the summer, Dinamo hope that he will finish the job this winter. The work would not be free, but they hope that it would be advantageous and cheaper than Labrović.

Ivo Grbić wants to return to the national team, but he will not be able to do that if he will be a replacement for Oblak. That is why it is better for Grbić to join the club where he will play. Especially if they are going to play European competitions as well. The contacts between Grbić and Dinamo have been established, but it is far from a safe job. Grbić moved from Lokomotive to Ateltico Madrid for approximately four million euros, and he spent one season on loan at the French LOSC Lille.

Let’s mention that Grbić is on the verge of his best years as a goalkeeper. It would be a pity if such a goalkeeper “fails” while warming the bench. That’s why it would be better for him to join the ranks of a club where he can have the position of the first goalkeeper and with whom he can play on several football fronts. Compensation should not be a problem for Dinamo. But if you want to bring a player like this, then you have to pay him an adequate salary. And in Dinamo, they are quite strict about that. In fact, Dinamo cuts costs wherever it goes.

Nevertheless, on the other hand, Dinamo should be decisive on all issues. First of all, Dinamo needs to begin the reconstruction of the team. They need a few good players with whom they will adequately defend the national championship title. In the same way, it is necessary to have a good team for European competitions. Of course, if Dinamo succeeds in qualifying for the next competition.

Goalkeeper? We’ll see, Labrović was mentioned, but I think President Mišković will ask for a lot of money

Sergej Jakirović, GNK Dinamo head coach

The last transfer window turned out to be a total flop considering how they brought players. The result is absent on all fields. In the championship, they have nine points less than the leader Hajduk and four less than second-placed Rijeka. For Dinamo, this situation is rather strange, considering that other clubs have always looked at their backs. In the European competitions, Dinamo failed completely. After qualifying for the UEFA Champions League, where they were eliminated by the Greek AEK in a stupid and incomprehensible way, they were eliminated by the Czech Sparta Prague from the UEFA Europe League qualifiers. It’s incomprehensible that you have a big advantage and you don’t know how to use it.

As a consolation prize came the appearance in the weakest club competition under the auspices of UEFA – the UEFA Conference Legaue! However, Dinamo seems to have met the ball for the first time. Namely, in the four games played, Dinamo has one victory and three defeats. These are not opponents at an adequate level and at the level that we normally know from Dinamo.

Therefore, Dinamo needs new reinforcements. Primarily in the goalkeeper position, but also in defence. Šutalo showed that he is not at the right level, and the others seem to follow him in making mistakes. The midfield is as good as it gets, but the attack is just like the defense – a critical item. Without Bruno Petković, the attack does not exist. Dinamo needs to bring in the right reinforcements, and there are as many of them as you want! The first item should be – THE GOALKEEPER, then the DEFENSE ZONE, and finally the ATTACK ZONE! The midfield zone needs to be at the end, but Dinamo needs to bring in reinforcements there as well, so that the competition is as big and strong as possible.

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