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Montenegro had the last attack, but Croatia held out and took the victory

CROATIA – MONTENEGRO 26:25 (13:13)
CROATIA: Bešen, Zadravec, P.Posavec, Šenvald, S.Posavec, Mičijević, Milosavljević, Ježić, Burić, Brkić, Šimara, Barišić, Birtić, Blažević, Prkačin, Pijević.
MONTENEGRO: Rajčić, Pletikosić, Godec, Mugosa, Nada Ćorović, Popović, Ivanović, Malović, Nat. Ćorović, Brnović, Bulatović, Batinović, Klikovac, Despotović, Pavićević, Grbić.

Dreams live on. Croatia still has a chance to progress to the next round of the competition. The Croatian women’s handball national team beat Montenegro 26:25. It was the first game of the second round of the IHF World Cup, played in Göteborg, Sweden.

The start of the match was marked by Croatia’s excellent defense, which meant that they had a three-goal advantage each. In the middle of the first half, the attack of Montenegro worked and they brought the match to a tie. Croatia entered with a two-goal advantage at the end of the first half, but then two suspensions occurred within a space of 15 seconds. Katarina Ježić and Dora Kalaus Žulj received expulsions. Montenegro reached the tie at 13:13. With that result, we went to rest.

The first half was marked by the serious injury of Marta Batinović, who once played for the Croatian national team. The goalkeeper of Montenegro made a wrong move without making any contact, so she slipped and injured her right knee. In the end, she was taken off the field.

Croatian handball players opened the second half very well. In the 12th minute of the second half, Montenegro scored only one goal, while Croatia had a five-goal advantage. At that moment, Montenegro had a minute of rest, and after that, they began to reduce Croatia’s lead.

Six minutes before the end of the game, Croatia had a three-goal lead, and only one minute later, Montenegro was one goal down. But there was no surrender, three minutes before the end of the match, Croatia again had a three-goal advantage.

But why without the drama? Croatia and Montenegro entered the dramatic end of the match where Croatia remained goalless and Montenegro scored two. The last attack was made by Montenegro, but Itana Grbić’s attempt in a built-up action missed the goal. Croatia managed to keep the ball and in the end, took the victory. With this victory, Croatia remained in the race for one of the two places that led to the quarter-finals of the IHF World Cup.

Valentina Blažević scored six goals, Dejana Milosavljević added five goals, while Katarina Ježić scored four. Ćamila Mičijević and Nikolina Zdravec each scored three goals. For Montenegro, Itana Grbić was the best with five goals, and Jelena Despotović scored four.

Montenegro has four points but is still on top. They are joined by Sweden with the same number of points but with one less game. Croatia is in third place with three points, Hungary has two points Senegal has one point, and Cameroon has no points.

Croatia’s next match is on Saturday against Cameroon, starting at 6 pm. Croatia will finish this stage of the competition with a match against Hungary on Monday. Good luck.

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