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Croatian women’s handball players successfully defeated Cameroon and thus left their hope of advancing to the quarterfinals of the IHF World Cup

CROATIA – CAMEROON 24:15 (18:6)
CROATIA: Pijević, Bešen (10+1); Zadravec, P. Posavec 1, Šenvald 3, S. Posavec 2, Mičijević 2, Milosavljević 2, L. Kalaus, D. Kalaus 1, Ježić 2, Burić 3, Brkić 2 (1), Barišić 2, Birtić 1, Blažević 3 (2), Prkačin.
CAMEROON: Mben (9), Balama (7+3); Haoua, Atissa 1, Vengou 2, Mandop, Touba, Ateba 7 (2), Kongnyuy, Volulania, Pokop 1, Ebanga 3, Pasma 1, Balama

Croatia played a game against Cameroon and won easily. In contrast to Senegal, with which it shared points. There were no doubts about the winner of the match against Cameroon. Namely, Cameroon was missing four players who escaped from the camp to seek asylum in Sweden. Cameroon is a national team that was second in the African Championship and secured the Olympic Games in Paris, and the flight of female players is a big problem.

Cameroon scored the first goal against Montenegro in the 25th minute and scored two goals by the end of the half, and against Croatia they were lucky. There was everything in Croatia’s game. She started in the standard formation, the substitutions were standard good, and everything somehow flowed. Croatia easily scored easy goals, and in the 17th minute, they had a 10-goal lead.

I’ll remember the first half, 20 minutes that were very good, especially the defense. The agreement was that the players who played a lot would take a break, to protect them from fatigue and injuries.

Ivica Obrvan, Croatian women national team coach

Mben, the best goalkeeper in Africa, made seven excellent saves in the first half. However, the Croatian defense was difficult for the Cameroonian attack. But Ateba somehow coped with it, and Cameroon scored six goals by the end of the half. Croatia was correct, and the important thing was that no one was injured. All the players who were on the score sheet got the chance to play this match. The game against Cameroon was, in fact, a practice game.

On Monday, Croatia plays a match against Hungary. This game can determine whether we can go to the Olympic Games in Paris. Let’s mention that in the second match of this group, Sweden beat Hungary 26:22. Thus, Sweden secured the quarter-finals of the World Cup. But Croatia still depends on the hosts. With Sweden’s victory over Montenegro and Croatia’s victory over Hungary, the host Croatia would also go further. If Montenegro wins, then they will go to the quarter-finals from first place. There remains hope that Sweden wants the first place that they will not give in, and that they will win.

“Queens of shock”, good luck!

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