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Croatia beat Greece and thus qualified for the semifinals of the European Championship

CROATIA – GREECE 13:8 (3:3, 2:3, 4:0; 4:2)
CROATIA: Bijač, Burić, Fatović, Lončar, Biljaka, Bukić, Vukičević, Žuvela, Marinić Kragić, Vrlić, Butić, Harkov, Popadić
GREECE: Zerdevas, Genidounias, Skoumpakis, Gkiouvetsis, Fountoulis, Papanastasiou, Argyropoulos Kanakak, Alafragkis, Kakaris, Nikolaidis, Vlachopoulos, Tzortzatos, Kalogeropoulos

Croatia succeeded in its goal of reaching the semifinals of the European Championship. Croatia beat Greece 13:8. It wasn’t easy, but victory is written and success has been achieved. In the crucial third quarter, Croatia went on a 4:0 run and in the last quarter easily brought the game to a close.

The first half was not something particularly successful. Because the Greeks were more successful in attack, and their defense was excellent, maybe a little more aggressive than the Croatian defense. Croatia did not take advantage of its time when it had more players. And the Croatian players were too philosophical about the attack and made mistakes. It wasn’t supposed to happen, but it doesn’t matter. What happens, happens.

It didn’t happen again. In the third quarter of the match, Croatia got serious and started playing defense, while the attack was precise. With four goals, it goes to a three-goal lead. This gave them peace of mind; the last section could be entered very calmly. Where they left off in the third part, they continued in the fourth part of the game. Greece fell apart completely, and Croatia did everything as it should, from defense to attack. We should mention that Greece did not score a goal for more than 13 minutes.

Perhaps this was too much for Greece, regardless of the Olympic silver and the world gold. Maybe Croatia will be the European champion again in front of its spectators. We will see what the weather shows. Croatia will play Hungary in the semi-finals. The semifinal match is played on Sunday.

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