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At the moment, the first Grand Slam of the season is being played, and Croatia is left without two players in Australia

NOVAK ĐOKOVIĆ – DINO PRIŽMIĆ 3:1 (6:2, 6:7(5), 6:3, 6:4)

After Marin Čilć, Croatia was left without one more player at the Australia Open. Dino Prižmić, in his debut appearance in the senior competition of tennis players, offered an extreme and high-quality resistance to the world’s number one tennis player Novak Đoković.

After four hours, Đoković won with 6:2, 6:7 (5), 6:3, and 6:4. The most trophy-winning tennis player in the history of tennis had to be at the highest level from the very beginning of the match, and it seems that he will have to for the rest of the tournament as well. How much Prižmić delighted the fans present in the stands, the fact that he received a standing ovation and that Croatia is waiting for a brighter era in tennis, says it all.

Đoković won the first set very easily, but already in the second set Prižmić showed his teeth and won it, surprising everyone present. Prižmić had some minor problems, but that did not sway him in the continuation of the duel. The third set was a turning point. Đoković took the first two games, after which Prižmić turned the tables. But Djokovic woke up and took the third set, and in the fourth set, he took a 4:0 lead.

It seemed that Prižmić had no strength and was broken, the result was 5:4 for Đoković. Resistance was provided, but he couldn’t go any further against the world’s number-one tennis player. Djokovic played his longest match in the first round at a Grand Slam tournament.

Does Croatia have any new hope in tennis? Have. Can Croatia get a future tennis player? It can, but let time show. And it’s up to Prižmić to prove himself and show how much he can do. And we believe it can reach the top of the world. Just let it be patience.

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