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Croatia lost to Hungary in the second match of the second round of the tournament

CROATIA – HUNGARY 26:29 (13:14)
CROATIA: Kuzmanović, Mandić; Mihić, Šoštarić, Karačić, Maraš, Načinović, Kušan, Mamić, Cindrić, Lučin, Šipić, Glavaš, Srna, Klarica, Jelinić
HUNGARY: Palasics, Bartucs; Sipos, Boka, Ligetvari, Mathe, Fazekas, Banhidi, Szita, Ancsin, Bodo, Ilić, Rosta, Lekai, Hanusz, Imre

After France, Croatia lost to Hungary as well. They lost to a national team that is not expected to do much in any competition. One thing that is a consolation is that one of the main favorites was eliminated in the first round of the competition.

The game started with several mistakes on both sides, but then it started to be a goal for goal game. But in the 11th minute, Hungary takes a three-goal advantage, and that is the reason for Perkovac to call the first time-out. Then the game in attack was not good, but the defense was not any different either.

In the middle of the first half, Croatia had a creative game, but there were no surefire goals. Then Hungary went to a four-goal lead. But Croatia got up in the game and got back to two goals behind. Croatia have opportunities to get back into the game fully, but their haste costs them goals. The result at the end of the first half was 14:13 for Hungary.

In the second half, both of them entered the game goal for goal. But after ten minutes of the second half, Croatia finally took the lead. And then, again, the same story, goal after goal and Kuzmanović keeps Croatia alive.

In the last ten minutes, Hungary entered with an advantage of 22:21. However, in the last eight minutes of the match, Croatia was down two players, and Hungary was still leading. Croatia’s defense is in trouble every second of this game. Hungary won 29:26.

Croatia again struggled. She had a lot of mistakes again. Obviously Croatian players think they can do anything they want, but it turns out they can’t. Can Croatia progress to the next stage of the tournament? Not! Croatia still needs two matches. The first match is against Iceland, and then against the hosts Germany.

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