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Dinamo played the return match of the round of 16 against PAOK in Greece

PAOK – DINAMO 4:1 (Baba 27′, Koulierakis 33′, 73′, Brandon 42′, Živković 88’/Hoxha 49′)
PAOK: Kotarski – Vierinha (Jonny 77′), Kedziora, Koulierakis, Baba – Schwab, Meite – A. Živković, Konstantelias (Murg 77′), Taison (Despodov 67′) – Brandon (Samatta 77′)
DINAMO: Nevistić – Ristovski, Bernauer, Theophile, Perković (Ogiwara 80′) – Mišić, Sučić (Kulenović 80′) – Špikić (Kaneko 74′), Baturina, Hoxha (Vidović 80′) – Petković

GNK Dinamo suffered a disaster in Thessaloniki, and PAOK fully deserved to destroy the guests. This was not a night that he will remember fondly. Dinamo was simply very bad and had poor control of the game, although at one point they had chances that they did not take. And that cost Dinamo money.

PAOK started the game better. In the first 20 minutes, he created several very good opportunities, but he did not realize what he created. But in the 27th minute of the match, the home team took the lead through the player Bab. Already six minutes later, PAOK equalized through Koulierakis. But there was no end to the drama, in the 42nd minute Brandon increased the lead of the home team. It looks like Dinamo didn’t manage in the first half. These three goals of the home team nullified the advantage of Dinamo and the home team turned everything in their favor.

To do something concrete, it is necessary to cross the center and carry out the entire tactics for the opponent. This was not seen in the first half of Dinamo. A complete disaster for Dinamo and their game in the first half. It was as if Dinamo didn’t exist, and the players seemed to have some kind of fear inside them.

However, Dinamo started the second half well. Hoxha reduced the result in the 49th minute. This goal woke Dinamo up. They started to create chances, but so far there can’t be another goal in this match. But despite all the opportunities they created, the home team increased their lead in the 73rd minute.

When it was thought that Dinamo would be able to score in overtime, PAOK players made a counterattack from which they got a penalty kick. Živković is precise and this was the end of Dinamo’s European journey this season, which could not have been worse or worse.

Dinamo didn’t seem to learn from their mistakes this season. They got into the rhythm set by the opponent, which meant that Dinamo fell apart and lost the game easily. Can Dinamo play even worse than until now? It is not known because Dinamo always surprises. Perhaps we should wait for the new season and see what will happen in the next season.

Maybe the new management will make a good transition period, bring in quality players who will help each other, and they will do the preparations in the best possible way, and that means bringing the form to the highest possible level.

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