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With six goals in Torcida’s net, Dinamo won their place in the semifinals

FUTSAL DINAMO – MNK TORCIDA 6:0 (Gudasić 6′, Zonjić 7′, Muzar 16′, Prgomet 25′, 26′, F. Novak 34′)
Futsal Dinamo: Ante Piplica, Ivan Pavlić, Nikola Gudasić, Luka Perić, Antonio Konsuo, Mateo Muzar, Tihomir Novak, Kristian Čekol, Toni Vučković, Danijel Dekanić, Neven Zonjić, Filip Novak, Mihovil Prgomet, Kristijan Postružin
MNK Torcida: Josip Bilandžić, Antonio Repić, Mijo Mišerda, Antonio Asanović, Duje Kulušić, Toni Legčević, Ante Kovačević, Luka Tešija, Luka Grubišić, Matej Stude, Darko Bikić, Ante Silić, Mateo Poljarić
RED CARD: Poljarić/MNK Torcida (17′)

Another spectacular match in Zagreb’s ”Dom Sportova” proved that Dinamo has a place in the semi-finals and that the Blues had a bad day in Split last weekend. Full ”Dom Sportova II”, as well as Torcida‘s net, ensured Dinamo progress. We scored six pieces again, but this time without a goal conceded.

Dinamo opened the first half with, we can say, the same approach as in the first quarter-final match. We saw the first real opportunity in the first minute of the match, but Luka Perić’s lob attempt did not enter the goal. Two minutes later, we record the first two attempts by the guests from Split. First, Antonio Repić tried to threaten Piplić’s goal, followed by Luka Grubišić, whose ball went wide of the goal.

In the sixth minute, we experienced our first delirium in the stands. Nikola Gudasić makes a great pass from the left side and scores a goal in the far corner of the goalkeeper to give Dinamo the advantage in the early minutes of the match. We didn’t have to wait long for a new change in the scores on the scoreboard. Dinamo’s early lead only meant additional wind at its back, and Neven Zonjić scored the second goal after a corner kick.

In the next few minutes, the Blues had great chances. Toni Vučković tried from outside, but his shot was successfully blocked by the Torcida defense. After that, Perić tries twice and Tihomir Novak, but both shots do not find their way to the net. Finally, in the 14th minute, we saw another opportunity for Torcida. Repić’s attempt is defended by Piplica, then the ball goes over Grubišić’s leg and into the goal.

In the 16th minute, Mateo Mužar brilliantly cheats his keeper and scores another goal to increase the lead of Purger. A minute later, Mateo Poljarić fouls Kristijan Čekola and earns a straight red card. Nevertheless, Dynamo did not use the player again until the end of the half. First Čekol had an excellent opportunity, and then the combination of Kristijan Postružin and Filip Novak did not bear fruit.

In the second half, Dinamo entered with the same desire. Three pieces were not enough, so they immediately started to get more. The scorer of the first goal, Gudasić, was the most playful. We registered three of his attempts, but the ball did not go into the goal. A minute later, Tihomir Novak hit the goal post, and then Neven Zonjić hit the crossbar after a great combination with Mateo Mužar.

In the same minute, the network of the people of Split is shaking again. Mihovil Prgomet turned Dinamo’s pressing into another celebration. A couple of seconds behind Torcido, he introduces the goalkeeper player. Prgomet decided that one goal was not enough for him and scored a new one on an empty bar and that’s 5:0 for the Blues.

A lot of time has passed since the last attempt of the people of Split, because they were unable to control the ball. In the 28th minute, Grubišić made things boil in front of the Dinamo goal, but his attempt went wide of the post.

When it seemed that Dinamo slowed down a bit and stopped on the ball, we saw a great combination between Čekol and Gudasić, but the defender of Torcida cleared the ball off the line. The last goal was scored by Filip Novak with an assist from Mihovil Prgomet.

Dinamo is again in the semi-finals, and Pula is waiting for us there. Well done Blue!

SOURCE: Futsal Dinamo

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