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The light went out for Hrgović, and he got a good beating from the British Daniel Dubois

With a stoppage in the 8th round of the fight, Hrgović was defeated, and Daniel Dubois won the interim title of the IBF heavyweight champion. The fight was stopped in the eighth round after the doctor estimated that Hrgović could no longer continue fighting for the world title.

This was a fight for the interim belt of the world heavyweight champion according to IBF, and the winner could also receive the real belt of the champion. In his most important fight, Hrgović suffered the most difficult defeat. The question is, what will happen next to the Croatian boxer?

Hrgović entered the fight with determination, and after the first round, the question was when Dubios would fall. Hrgović was throwing punches and using the length of his arms, while the British boxer was quicker. We could witness how Hrgović looked worrisome because he looked exhausted and not physically ready enough. That look was deceiving us for the first six rounds because all those rounds were at the expense of the Croatian boxer.

When you look at the first six rounds of the fight, it seemed that the IBF belt would go to Hrgović, but everything went wrong in the seventh round. In the seventh round, a completely new Dubois appeared. Dubois then took advantage of Hrgović’s fitness decline and took the initiative in the fight. With several heavy blows, Dubois shook Hrgović, who began stagger around the ring. The round is over, and the bell saved the Croatian boxer.

Daniel Dubois knew well that he shouldn’t miss the opportunity in the next round because he had Hrgović started. Hrgović knew that everything was going wrong, and Dubois took the initiative in the fight for the championship title. After consulting the doctor, the referee decided to end the match. Then the doctor indicated that the Croatian boxer could not continue the match, which was the definitive end for Hrgović.

It’s a good thing for Hrgović that he found himself in this fight because these fights are where he gathers valuable experience, unlike Hrgović’s fights so far. And the best years of heavyweight are yet to come. For Hrgović at least.

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