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Hrgović has a big drop in the world rankings, and the reactions to his way of fighting are endless. For the most part, Hrgović disappointed the boxing world with his performance

After the “Matchroom vs Queensbery: 5v5” show, significant changes took place in the world heavyweight boxing ranking. According to the boxing analytics site BoxRec, it has published the latest ranking of boxers. By the way, BoxRec is a reputable site with one of the largest databases and, according to many, the most legitimate site when it comes to fighter ratings and rankings.

Filip Hrgović lost by stoppage in the eighth round after the doctor suggested to the judge that the Croatian boxer could not continue the fight against Dubois. In the rankings, Hrgović fell by ten places, and is now in 18th place according to the BoxRec heavyweight rankings.

Dubois took a high fifth place ahead of Joseph Parker and Jared Anderson. Zhang entered the Top 10 rankings and Wilder dropped to 36th in the same rankings. Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua and Agit Kabyel occupy the first three places, while Tyson Fury is in fourth place. Let’s mention that Usyk and Kabajerl are the only heavyweight boxers who are in the Top 10, and they do not have a single loss in their professional careers.

But the reactions to Hrgović’s performance in the fight for the interim IBF world title do not stop. Many expected a lot more from the Croatian “El Animal“, but he disappointed the fans and the boxing world. Most believe that Hrgović is completely unprepared physically.

When everything is added up and taken away, Hrgović disappointed as much as he could with his performance. Hrgović had a great potential for the highest achievements, but with the defeat in the last fight, he took a big step back in his career.

Hrgović looks so bizarre when his opponent starts to hit him. He literally looked disinterested

A commenter on the Reddit boxing subpage

Hrgović is puffed up, and until the age of 30 he didn’t fight with any real boxer. Now he finally got his chance, and in the biggest fight of his career, he ran out of strength in the third round

Twitter user

The man didn’t protest at all when the fight was stopped. He was mentally and physically broken. This could be the end of his career. He never had the competitive desire and power to make it to the top among the pros

Followers on Reddit, with a reference to Hrgović’s announcement that he will retire if Dubois beats him.

Hrgović has so much potential, but it will all fail. It seems to me that they didn’t even prepare for this fight for a second. Terrible tactical performance. Now let him use that Saudi money (slightly more than 300,000 euros in earnings, op. a.) and buy himself treadmill

Commentary on Hrgović’s fight

Today we realized that Hrgović is not close to the best heavyweights. He can only be congratulated for staying on his feet. Dubois showed that he is a far better, more versatile and more prepared boxer

Comment on the Sportske novosti portal

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