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In the final, Sandra won another European title, and for the seventh time in a row, she left the competition without any chance. And in the final, Marija Tolj also performed

Seven cities for seven European titles for Sandra Elkasević is the best! She won gold medals in Barcelona, Helsinki, Zurich, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich and now in Rome. Sandra is an unstoppable and amazing athlete who threw the discus 67.04 meters at the Rome Olimpico and sat on the European throne for the seventh time, leaving Jordine van Klinken behind who threw the discus 65.99 meters.

There is a long history of European championships, but nobody won even five European titles. But Sandra made it. Even seven times in a row. In this way, she set a high goal that is hard to reach. Let’s mention how she won the first six championship titles with long-time coach Edis Elkasević, whom she married.

The last year has not been easy for Sandra, she struggled with two injuries and missed a medal at the World Championships in Budapest. Even the results from the beginning of the season were not at the level Sandra desired. But she showed Rome, in the Eternal City, that you can always count on Sandra.

At 34 years old and with numerous injuries, and much younger colleagues, Sandra managed to win European gold. She can still enter the competition and give a lesson to her younger colleagues. Sandra won 14 medals from all competitions and her first European gold in 2010. In addition to seven European golds, Sandra has two Olympic golds, she was a two-time world champion, two more silvers, and one bronze. Of course, he has six triumphs in the Diamond League.

Let us mention that no other female athlete has seven medals at the European Championships in one discipline. Only Merita Koch has six medals, but she has three in the 400 meters and three in the 400 meters relay races.

In the first throw, Sandra immediately threw 67.04 meters, in the second series she hit the net, in the third series she was the weakest when she threw 65.40 meters, while in the fourth series, she threw 66.34 meters, and then she threw an incorrect shot with 62.65 meters.

Croatia had another representative in the finals. Marija Tolj finished ninth with a throw of 61.42 meters. She finished in sixth place at the last European Championship.

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