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In the 72nd minute of the match between Croatia and Albania, Gjasula came into the game and did something unprecedented

Croatia registered its first point and first goals against Albania. “Vatreni” scored through Kramarić in the 74th minute and two minutes later took the lead with an own goal by the Albanians, while Laci scored for the opponents in the 11th minute and Klaus Gjasula at the very end of the game.

Albanian midfielder Kluas Gjasula entered the game in the 72nd minute of the match, but only four minutes later he became a tragedy. Namely, the ball bounced off him into Albania’s goal and Croatia then took the lead with a turnover. It seemed that Croatia was going to celebrate, but in stoppage time the aforementioned Gjasula equalized. That’s how Croatia and Albania shared the points.

Namely, until now, no one has entered the game as a substitute, and managed to score both an own goal and a goal. Klaus Gjasula became the first player at the European or World cups who managed to do it. That’s why he managed to get into the foreground of this match.

Croatia did not manage to win, and on Monday at 21:00 they play against Italy, and they must win if they want to go to the next round of the competition. Let’s mention that Spain and Italy are playing a match today, and the Spaniards would help Croatia with a victory. Now it remains for fate to play its part and help Croatia, even though it didn’t deserve it according to the game.

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