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Futsal Dinamo is the champion of Croatia for the first time in its history! That Monday, May 29, 2023, everyone who was in KC Dražen Petrović will forever remember how Futsal Dinamo won its first national championship title

Sports, futsal, sport

It was one of the craziest nights and atmospheres in the history of Dražen’s home. Nothing can even describe what Futsal Dinamo and their fans put on at the futsal spectacle. The hall was a “gorilla”, and Futsal Dinamo won the national trophy with a 3-1 victory, the same as in the final series. Postružin, Perić and T. Novak scored for Dinamo, and Kuraj scored for Olmissum.

The atmosphere was heated from the first to the last moment, and during the warm-up, the people of Omiš felt the teasing of the Zagreb crowd. A megaphone warning was issued for the match to go entirely peacefully and without any incidents – the beer must remain in its glasses, and everyone complied.

The first few minutes passed without significant opportunities, and Kristian Čekol had the severe first opportunity, but Olmissum’s first goalkeeper kicked the ball out of bounds. The guests also threatened, but Ante Piplica was safe. The futsal action returns to the blue side when Postružin shoots a goal and hits the post. Then an indirect kick was called, and the first kick was defended by Čizmić, who was powerless in the continuation of the action, and from the 11th minute, Futsal Dinamo took the lead with a goal by Postružin. Four minutes later, Luka Perić broke the Omiš net.

In the continuation of the game, Futsal Dinamo started to increase the lead, and Perić threatened in the 23rd minute, but Čizmić saved the shot. A few minutes later, Ćizmić brings down Dekanić, who was in a 100% chance and earned a red card. A little later, Tihomir Novak takes the ball and scores a goal for 3-0. The visitors from Omiš got into trouble with accumulated fouls, and Čekol and Perić failed to use the two ten-pointers. In the 34th minute, the guests started with a goalkeeper player, but they only scored one goal. Marko Kuraja reduced the score and made the final 3-1.

Futsal DInamo

A few seconds before the end, the people of Omiš raised the white flag, and the celebration could begin. The fans also jumped onto the field, and the Bad Blue Boys left the stands, so the rest of the audience could enjoy the songs. The celebration passed without a single incident, and from the match itself until the end of the celebration, one could feel the unity of the sector in Dražen’s home.

It is worth mentioning how the Bad Blue Boys opened with a chant to the legendary Mate Čuljak, the legendary futsal master and co-founder of the club in 2012, and Matija Capar and the young Oskar Kadrnka.


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