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The schedule is known, and already in the first round, there will be a futsal derby

On Tuesday, July 11, the new schedule for the new futsal season in Croatia was obtained. A meeting of the Commission for Futsal and Beach Football was held in Split, at which new rules were adopted regarding the futsal competition. The new season starts on September 22, and the most significant novelty concerns the playoff in which the semi-finals, instead of two won games, are now played on three won games. In the quarterfinal and final matches, everything remains the same. The quarterfinals are played for all wins, and the final for three wins.

FOTO: Bracopone

In the first round, there is a treat for all futsal fans in Croatia. Then the finalists of last season’s edition of the finals, namely Futsal Dinamo and MNK Olmissum, will meet. It should be mentioned that Uspinjača Gimka has returned to the elite club, and in the first match, they will be visiting Vrgorac. After the regular part, the playoff of the Croatian championship will be played, where the new national champion will be announced.

It should be mentioned that the highest-ranking futsal competition in Croatia will be called Supersport HMNL, modeled on football competitions. The dates of the regular part of the season and the playoffs for the champion are still unknown, but the Croatian Football Association will inform the public in time.

You can find the entire schedule on the official website of the association.

Futsal Dinamo - MNK Olmissum
FOTO: Bracopone

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