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Until now, it has not happened that UEFA has imposed such a penalty on Croatia

The umbrella house of Croatian football has been fined for the behavior of Croatian fans at the final matches of the UEFA Nations League. In the semi-final match against the Netherlands, Croatian fans chanted “Gypsies, gypsies” to the Romanian referee Istvan Kovacs, and the Croatian Football Association was fined 70,000 euros for that and no fans at the next away match in Armenia. An additional 80,000 euros came at the expense of torches and items on the field. The total fine is 150,000 euros, the highest financial fine for a trade association.

Announcement of the Croatian Football Association:
“The UEFA Disciplinary Commission combined the reported incidents in the matches against the Netherlands and Spain, played in Rotterdam this June, into one case and issued the following verdict:

  1. Due to the discriminatory behavior of the fans, the Croatian Football Association was conditionally punished by the decision that the first next home match within the framework of UEFA competitions should be played without spectators, with a two-year probationary period. Also, the sale of tickets for Croatian fans at the first away match in the UEFA competition was prohibited, and the Association was also fined 70,000 euros for such discriminatory behavior of some fans.
  2. For throwing flares, HNS was fined 45,000 euros.
  3. For throwing objects, HNS was fined 35,000 euros.”

UEFA did not explain what the discriminatory behavior of the fans refers to and gave the Croatian Football Association a probation period of two years for racism or any other form of discrimination. The first big test in this matter will beĀ on September 8, in the match against Latvia, played in Rijeka. If something terrible happens, it will be sad if a game is played without spectators at the new Opus Arena. Let’s mention that Croatia will play against Armenia without the presence of Croatian fans.

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