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Osijek, Hajduk, and Rijeka played their first games in the third round of the Conference League

ADANA – OSIJEK 5:1 (Svensson 3′, Sari 16′, Ndiaye 51′, 67′ – 11m, Erdogan 88’/Gržan 73′)
ADANA DEMIRSPOR: Karačić – Svensson, Manev, Guler (from 71′ Burak), Rodrigues – Stambouli, Akbaba (from 70′ Tokoz) – Sari, Belhanda, Akintola – Ndiaye
OSIJEK: Malenica – Gržan, Barišić (from 77′ Evangelou), Mrktčjan, Drambajev – Brlek – Jugović (from 46′ Lovrić), Nejašmić – Pušić (from 71′ Fiolić) – Caktaš (from 46′ Bukvić), Mierez (from 71 ‘ Fućak)

Osijek hit its head against the wall for the first time this season. And yes, it was harrowing. On the field, Adana was a much more serious opponent than all the other opponents that Osijek played against. This is, for sure, one of the heaviest European defeats, at least in terms of results.

The stadium was not sold out. Twenty thousand people were present, and the stadium’s total capacity was 33,000. The Turks were loud and noisy, but there were also members of Kohorta, which earlier supported the Boys, in the stadium.

The lineups were almost unchanged compared to the last matches these clubs played. Adana started quite aggressively, and it paid off in the first 16 minutes of the game when the Turks led 2:0. It was hard for Osijek to imagine such a start.

It took some time for Osijek to find their way, but they conceded a goal from the first shot in the box, their mistake, and a wrong pass by Mierez. At halftime, it was 2:0 for the hosts, but that result was decent considering the Turks’ chances.

In the first half, Osijek did not make a single shot at the Turks’ goal, but at the beginning of the second half, the people of Osijek entered much better. They created opportunities, but when everything seemed that they were going to do something, the third goal happened in Malenica’s net.

Already in the 67th minute, everything was over; the Turks were leading 4:0. By the end of the match, Osijek reduced the score, but if there was any hope for a comeback, it was extinguished near the end of the game when Erdogan made the final score 5:1.

We gave them two goals after mistakes, and getting back into the game was difficult. We had our chances, but we didn’t score. Adana is a good team with talented players. When such teams get an opportunity in Europe, they realize it. Heat? Of course, that also affected us. The temperature is around 25 degrees, so we can’t get used to this weather.

STJEPAN TOMAS, Osijek coach

B36 TORSHAVN – RIJEKA 1:3 (Agnarsson 33’/Janković 41′- 11m, Goda 48′, Radeljić 88′)
B36 TORSHAVN: Lamhauge – Solheim, Jonsson, Nattestad, Egilsson, Benjaminsen – Johansen (from 90’+1′ Joensen), E. Nielsen (from 90’+1′ Magnusson), Przybylski (from 90’+1′ Heinesen) – Skandari (from 73′ Sabala), Agnarsson (from 52′ B. Nielsen)
RIJEKA: Labrović – Veiga, Dilaver, Radeljić, Goda – Selahi (from 78′ Ilinković), Hodža (from 90′ Lepinjica) – Pašalić (from 79′ Grgić), Fruk, Janković (from 90′ Djouahr) – Ivanović (from 78 ‘Obregon)

Rijeka took the first step towards the playoffs of the Conference League. In the first game played in Torshvan, Rijeka beat B36 with a score of 3:1. That’s an excellent advantage before the return in a week. If the B36 were to pass, a real miracle would have to happen. Rijeka showed that it is a significantly more potent and better team.

On the cold Faroe Islands, Rijeka dominated the field. Although they were the first to concede a goal, Rijeka did not experience a knockout. By the end of the half, Rijeka equalized with a penalty kick. It’s good that they equalized toward the end of the game’s halftime.

It is late autumn, not mid-August, on the Faroe Islands. The temperature was 12 degrees Celsius, the fog around the stadium did not penetrate the stadium, and the artificial grass accelerated the ball. The people of Rijeka had no problem with adaptation.

Rijeka created chances, but B36 took the lead first. It’s not easy when you concede a goal from such a team. But that did not discourage Rijeka. Towards the end of the match, they returned, and in the third minute of the second half, Rijeka took the lead. Two minutes before the end of the game, Radeljić made the final score 3:1.

I expect a similar match in Rujevica, and we will be even more dangerous and attacked. And I’m especially interested in how Farani will react when they reach the summer temperature, a hot 30 degrees Celsius!


: Lučić – Moufi (from 90’+5′ Mikanović), Šarlija, Ferro (from 79′ Diallo), Melnjak – Sigur, Krovinović – Sahiti (from 67′ Dolček), Odjidja-Ofoe (from 79′ Kalik), Mlakar – Foundry
PAOK: Kotarski – Kedziora, Troost-Ekong, Koulierakis, Baba – Tsingaras (from 79′ Ozdojev), Filipe Soares (from 72′ Schwab) – Narey (from 61′ Taison), Konstantelias (from 79′ Murg), A. Živković – Brandon (from 61′ Samatt)

Hajduk played well in front of packed stands. Unfortunately, there was no realization, but all in all, Leko arranged it so well. The match in Split was left without a winner or goals. But we will know the passenger to the Conference League playoffs in a week. The people of Split shook two goalposts and were a more dangerous opponent regarding the chances they created.

Hajduk had more dangerous chances in the first half, but PAOK imposed their style of play. In that style, they hid the ball, so much so that Hajduk struggled in some situations with pressing and building an attack. Skipping the game and looking for Livaja did not help, resulting in a realization.

Hajduk started more ambitiously in the second half, but the realization was again lacking. As time passed, PAOK began to pull away to keep the score tied. The Greeks killed the game and thus left Split undefeated.

We have to win to move on. We must analyze the match, participate in what will happen in return, and try to move on.

IVAN LEKO, Hajduk Coach

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