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HNL continued this weekend but without Dinamo and Rijeka

VARAŽDIN – RUDEŠ 2:0 (Brodić 57′, Postonjski 77′)
VARAŽDIN: Zelenika – Vukčević, Jelenić, Pellumbi, Boršić – Postonjski (Vukušić 84′), Pilj (Lusavec 90′) – Mitrovski (Kolarić 85′), Belcar (Elezi 75′), Šego (Banovec 74′) – Brodić
RUDEŠ: Kralj – Pavlek, Matić, Camara, Vukmanović (Bašić 81′) – Tomečak, Pasariček (Brajković 81′), Srbljinović, Lazarov – Latković (Rešetar 78′) – Ljubanović (Kovačević 78′)

As a home team, Varaždin beat Rudeš in the first game of this round of the HNL. The result was 2:0, and Brodić scored the goals in the 57th minute and Postonjski in the 77th minute. Both teams played openly and well, but it was not until the 57th minute that the net was shaken. Brodić became the top scorer in all four rounds this season with a goal in this game.

They say third time lucky! Varaždin did not allow the third game to fall after a 2:0 lead, which was the case against Slaven Belup and Lokomotive. Varaždin is currently fourth in the ranking.

HAJDUK – SLAVEN BELUPO 3:0 (Livaja 54′, 63′, Dayaku 89′)
HAJDUK: Lučić – Sigur, Šarlija, Diallo, Melnjak (Elez 87′) – Kalik (Odjidja-Ofoe 46′), Krovinović (Moufi 46′) – Dolček (Dajaku 80′), Benrahou, Mlakar (Sahiti 46′) – Livaja
SLAVEN BELUPO: Marković – Bosec, Račić, Boras, Martinaga – Hlevnjak (Cascini 46′), Agbekpornu – Crnac (Jagušić 90’+3′), Mioč (Štrkalj 81′), Hoxha – Ortiz (Manaj 62′)

Poljud was filled again, and Hajduk won 3:0. With that result and victory, they took first place. There were no goals in the first half of the match. It is an ideal game for both the Split and Koprivnica teams. Leko did an excellent job with a limited staff, but the ending in the first part needed an idea.

The second half was excellent, and the goal came in the 54th minute. The plan could have been scored earlier if Livaj had been carried away from the penalty kick. All this is already known, and no one knows what Livija and Petković do when carrying out the harshest punishment. Even the youngest categories take this more seriously.

As for the stands, they are always with the club. But you’d have to be a complete moron not to support the guys who stayed in Athens. However, the essential thing for Hajduk is that they have maintained a good atmosphere in the team and go to the final in Thessaloniki full of optimism.

ISTRIA 1961 – OSIJEK 4:4 (Majstorović 28′, Nebyla 50′, Guedes 88′ – ag., Mkrtčjan 90’+1′ – ag/Mkrtčjan 22′, Caktaš 48′, Lovrić 58′-11m, Nejašmić 60′)
ISTRIA 1961: Majkić – Hujber, Majstorović, Marešić, Valinčić – Mlinar (Josipović 89′), Petrusenko, Nebyla (Ćuić 80′) – Lisica, Erceg, Douglas (Matheus 61′).
OSIJEK: Malenica – Renan Guedes, Evangelou, Mkrčjan, Drambajev (Omerović 46′) – Fiolić (Nejašmić 45′), Jugović (Brlek 75′) – Bukvić (Pušić 79′), Caktaš, Lovrić (Hiroš 79′) – Mierez

Osijek felt the bitterness again. Osijek played well in attack but failed in defense. He led Osijek but in vain. In the end, it ended 4:4, and they returned from Pula with a point won, with two points lost. With this result, Hajduk lost first place.

Osijek conceded nine goals in two games. There was no alibi. Because if you want to fight for the top of the HNL, you must concentrate on defense, not just attack. He played with an obvious idea. The goal was for both Osijek and Istria to score. The result of all that is eight goals. It is the fruit of the offensive vision but also the weaknesses of the defenses of both teams.

Rijeka and Dinamo have postponed matches due to European competitions. How good is that? Not good at all. The Croatian Football Association does not consider the clubs’ reach, their coefficients, or the national coefficient. Very frivolous from the Federation, whose national team won both silver and bronze at the last two World Championships. In addition, there were also the finalists of the UEFA Nations League. Shame on the Croatian football federation.

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