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Croatian female and male fighters achieved great success at the World Championships held in Portugal

Croatian kickboxing shines in Albufeira, Portugal. Croatia won five gold medals in the six finals in the ring disciplines. There were six finals, out of seven in total. Thus, Croatia created a grandiose success.

World champions were Helena Jurišić, Lucija Bilobrk and Ana Bajić, and Elizabeta Crnković on the tatami. Andrej Kedveš and Luka Žuljević in the ring became the world champions in the men’s competition. Let’s mention how another fighter won the final on the tatami, and that is Lucija Regvat from Zagreb. Ante Buzov was defeated in the ring, who remained in the silver medal, and Toni Čatipović lost in the semi-final fight and eventually won the bronze medal. Adrian Barić, who also won the bronze medal, did not enter the final on the tatami mat.

I am very happy about this gold, because I won it in fights with extremely strong opponents, in the semi-finals and final. Now I can go to my Split in peace, and my brother Dario is also happy

Helena Jurišić, world champion

After the great success, great enthusiasm reigned among the ring selectors Miljenko Šarac and Igor Ivošević, but also enthusiasm reigned among the tatami selectors Zoran Cicvara. The team from Mornar had more reason to celebrate because both Helena Jurišić and Ana Bajić won the medal of the highest brilliance – gold.

Our fighters dominated in almost all fights, which is a reflection of working with our fighters. Maybe this will be an incentive for this sport to get back on its feet and return to its old ways – the old paths of glory. Because Croatia used to have top kickboxing representatives. There are many clubs that know how to work with fighters, some of them are Pit Bull, Blitz, Uni Rent, Planet, and others.

Good luck to all our fighters in kickboxing.

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