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Croatia played its second match at the European Championship and won against France

CROATIA – FRANCE 12:7 (3:1, 3:1, 4:3, 2:2)
CROATIA: Bijač (defense), Burić 3, Fatović, Lončar 2, Biljaka, Bukić, Vukičević 1, Žuvela 2, Marinić Kragić 1, Vrlić, Kržić, Harkov 1, Popadić
FRANCE: Hovhannisyan (0 saves), Saudadier, Crousillat, Bouet 1, Khasz 1, T. Vernoux 3 (1-1), Marion-Vernoux, Bjorch, Marzouki 2, Bodegas 1, Vanpeperstraete, D. Živković, Fontani (3 saves )

Croatia is stronger than France in at least one sport. At the European Water Polo Championship, Croatia defeated France with a score of 12:7. And everything was foreshadowed in the first half when Croatia created a big advantage. After the two rounds played, Croatia has 5 points. Croatia has not secured the quarter-finals yet, but it is certainly on the right track to make it happen.

In the first half, Croatia had a four-goal advantage, and the score was 6:2 before the break. The offense wasn’t bad, but there was a problem when Croatia had a player more than France. Let’s mention how the defense did a good job in this game.

Maybe France does not belong to the elite class of world water polo, but they are well above the average. That is why Croatia played with concentration and celebrated with a five-goal difference. Croatia won 12:7 in the end. For now, it holds first place.

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