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The new HNL season starts tonight, and all eyes are on the first game of the season and the eternal derby between Dinamo and Hajduk

Dinamo and Hajduk open the new Supersport HNL season tonight at 8 p.m. Due to the decision of PU Zagrebačka, Dinamo‘s most loyal fans, the Bad Blue Boys, issued a statement in which they criticized the decision to reduce the northern stand’s capacity and the club’s reaction when organizing the match.

“It seems as if it has become normal that every derby in Zagreb, the police reduce the capacity of the north stand by 10%, without any valid reason. There is no explanation other than the classic police “because we say so”, which makes the derbies in Zagreb look more like police parades and not football matches.

The club shrugs its shoulders while the police, “because they say so”, insist on even higher insurance costs and nebulous desires that have no effect or serve anything other than a show of force and bullying the fans. If such senseless measures continue, instead of going to the derby next time, we will choose a spontaneous protest walk through the streets of Zagreb. What is too much is too much!”, the press release reads.

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