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Croatia lost, and one more game against Canada remains

The surprise of the previous part of the Fukuoka World Championship happened when Montenegro kicked out the European champion. Croatia’s clear goal at this World Championship was to reach the finals and secure the Olympic Games in Paris next year. There remains the playoff for the lower positions, which Croatia played for the last time in the 1990s.

The Montenegrins did not surprise, but Croatia shocked itself. Croatia should have capitalized on many things it had as a surplus and an advantage. But in vain. There was a phenomenal release from Bija─Ź, but there was more trouble with the player, almost a full 11 minutes without a goal, and the defense allowed them to approach the goal. Although coach Tucak asked for alignment and a more aggressive defense, the game continued with disjointed play.

Croatia returns at the end of the match, but the Montenegrins still have the advantage. The game ended with a score of 13:12 for Montenegro, which will go to Greece in the quarterfinals, and Croatia to the scheduled matches. It’s not nice to hear and read, but the World Cup ended for Croatia today.

What exactly happened? Weak execution, 11 minutes without a goal-scored, trouble with the extra player that worked well until now, all of that impacted this defeat. Saa Croatia remains in contention for the position from 9th to 12th place.

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