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Little by little, Osijek also made it to the next competition

ZTE – OSIJEK 1:2 (Ikoba 82′ / Gergenyi – og 9′, Špoljarić 73′)

ZTE: Senko – Huszti, Mosci, Šafronov, Gergenyi (Milovanovikj 81′) – Ubochioma (Ikoba 35′), Sanković (Kovacs 68′), Szendrei, Tajti (Klausz 68′) – Sajban (Csoka 68′), Szalay

OSIJEK: Malenica – Gužan, Evangelou, Mktrčjan, Drambajev – Jugović, Brlek, Nejašmić – Pušić (Hiroš 66′), Caktaš (Špoljarić 66′) – Mierez (Fućak 81′)

Osijek was also defeated by the Hungarian ZTE with a score of 2:1. In this way, he passed to the third preliminary round and joined Hajduk. Osijek was able to get through this match without stress. But that wouldn’t be it. What are Croats without stress?

The expected initial pressure of the Hungarian team was absent. It was the Hungarians who had to attack and chase the result. At the very beginning, Osijek took the lead with an own goal from Gergeny. Towards the end of the first half, Caktaš could have increased the lead and placed his team in the next round of the competition, but he was imprecise.

In the second half, the Hungarian team started to play all or nothing. They were threatened twice through Szalay and Ikoba. It was difficult for Osijek to connect their lines and the game in those moments, but they managed to patch it up after a few minutes. Then came a small problem. After ten minutes, Osijek was left without captain Jugović, who had to leave the game.

The Hungarians pressed, but Osijek had a chance too. In the 73rd minute, they created an action, and Špoljarić realized and scored 2:0. But what’s a match without stress? Almost ten minutes later, Ikobe reduces the score. That hit raises tensions, but nothing excessive.

Almost 500 Osijek fans, who traveled to Hungary, had reason to celebrate because they advanced to the next competition. Let’s mention how Osjek’s fans completely outvoted the local fans.

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