HNL PREVIEW: Hajduk beat Dinamo, Varaždin beat Gorica, Osijek without points

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The 10th HNL round was played, which means that the second round of the championship has begun

VARAŽDIN – GORICA 1:0 (Postonjski 26′-11m)
VARAŽDIN: Zelenika – Vukčević, Jelenić, Pellumbi, Boršić – Pilj (Škaričić 72′), Elezi (Belcar 67′), Postonjski (Mištrafović 90’+2′) – Mitrovski (Marina 59′), Brodić (Domjanić 46′), Yeast
GORICA: Banić – Munksgaard (Raspopović 59′), Maloča, Krizmanić, Štiglec – Mrzljak (Ilečić 88′), Soldo (Mitrović 59′) – Majstorović (Matavž 71′), Ndockyt, Pršir – Vujnović (Jurić 71′)

Varaždin beat Gorica with a score of 1:0 and thus came one point behind the same opponent. In fact, this was a modest match. In a low-tempo game, the decision was made by a penalty kick. The scorer was Postonjski in the 26th minute of the match.

The start of the match started promisingly. The right rhythm of the match was achieved, but it did not last. Until the penalty kick, Gorica was somewhat the better opponent, and Varaždin did not have a shot on goal. But Varaždin made an action in which they were awarded a penalty kick from which they took the lead.

Instead of Gorica picking up the pace, she falls in the game. That’s why Varaždin gets up and starts playing. Although Varaždin had the initiative at the beginning of the second half, their game seems to be falling, and Gorica increases the gas and starts to squeeze the gas. However, many attempts by Gorica remain blocked, and the result remains unchanged.

SLAVEN BELUPO: Sušak – Bosec, Boras, Božić, Štefulj – Liber (Šakota 66′), Lepinjica, Agbekpornu – Mioč – Hoxha (Hlevnjak 90’+2′), Štrkalj (from 82. Ortiz 82′)
OSIJEK: Malenica – Guedes (Omerović 77′), Manev, Duarte, Drambajev (Gržan 46′) – Brlek – Bukvić (Bukvić 73′), Caktaš, Fiolić (Nejašmić 57′), Garmaš (Lovrić 46′) – Mierez

This was a match that cost the Osijek coaches their jobs. Stjepan Tomas defended himself that if he had beaten Dinamo there earlier, everything would have been absolutely different. It probably wouldn’t have been any different because Osijek showed poor performances in the HNL even before Dinamo.

This match was an opportunity to get out of the crisis and break the negative streak for both teams. Slaven Belupo has not won the last five matches, and Osijek the last four. It seems that the first game was an illusion of what Osijek could be, because in the further competition they easily lost points. Osijek does not justify investments with its games.

If we look at the overall impression, Slaven Belupo could have won with a bigger result. In all segments, the hosts were better and thus announced better days. During the entire match, Slaven Belupo created play, had opportunities, and Osijek shot at a goal here and there. Had it not been for Malenica in Osijek’s goal, the difference in the result would have been even greater.

RUDEŠ – RIJEKA 1:2 (Topić 90’/Janković 12′, Ivanović 79′)
RUDEŠ: Kralj – Matić, Pavlović, Pavlek – Tomečak, Srbljinović, Pasariček, Špeljak (Simovic 77′) – Petković (Rešetar 66′), Pešić (Topić 66′), Latković (Mašala 46′)
RIJEKA: Labrović – Smolčić, Dilaver, Mitrović, Goda – Selahi (Ilinković 88′), Hodža (Banda 78′) – Fruk (Radeljić 78′), Janković, Pjaca (Pašalić 66′) – Yansane (Ivanović 66′)

Rijeka has not been impressive for several games, but this time they won three very important points. Although the match became interesting only towards the end of the match, Rijeka took the lead in the 12th minute. The shooter was Janković.

One thing is certain. And that is that Rijeka is not giving as much as it should be giving. At least by the quality of the players he has in his roster. If she wants to fight for first place and the championship title, then she needs to improve her game. On the other hand, Rudeš recorded the worst start of all clubs in the HNL ever. They won one point in the first ten games with a goal difference of -18. And that, according to statistics, is worse than both Zagreb and Varaždin.

The introduction to the match was very strong, and in the 12th minute, Rijeka took the lead through Nike Janković. The tempo of the game dropped, but Rijeka somehow dominated. But Rudeš also had opportunities, although there was no realization.

The last twenty minutes of the game were very interesting. After several chances, the right one came. And from players who were substitutes.

Pašalić assisted, and Ivanović scored. Everything happened in the 79th minute of the match. At the very end of the game, Topić reduced the score. Rijeka beat Rudeš with a score of 2:1.

ISTRA – LOKOMOTIVA 0:4 (Šoticek 22′, 90’+2′, Mudražija 30′, Tuci 83′)
ISTRA: Majkić – Valinčić (Ekong 46′), Björkander (Douglas 57′), Majstorović, Devetak – Mauriić, Petrusenko (Kadušić 46′) – Lisica (Josipović 69′), Čuić (Nebyla 57′), Erceg – Filet
LOKOMOTIVA: Čavlina – Bartolec, Mersinaj, Živković, Miličević – Bubanja (Krdžalić 85′), Marić – Goričan (Kanižaj 76′), Mudražija (Krivak 76′), Šotiček – Tuci (Čop 85′)

As a guest, Lokomotiv beat Istra in the middle of Pula. This match was not particularly convincing, at least not in terms of the game. In the first half, Lokomotiva looked fresher, and Šoticek put the visitors in the lead in the 22nd minute. Only eight minutes later Mudražija increased the score, and Petrusenko turned out to be the tragic in both cases when the visitors scored.

The goals were a logical sequence because Istra’s defense was deconcentrated. In the second half as well, Lokomotiva was spread out and created opportunities. But it wasn’t until Tuci scored in the 8th minute to increase the score, and Šoticek scored in the second minute for the final 4:0 for the visitors.

HAJDUK – DINAMO 1:0 (Sahiti 59′)
HAJDUK: Lučić – Moufi (Mikanović 90′), Šarlija, Uremović, Melnjak – Sigur (Žaper 46′), Krovinović – Benrahou (Diallo 78′), Odjidja (Trajkovski 46′), Sahiti (Dolček 83′) – Livaja
DINAMO: Nevistić – Moharrami, Šutalo, Perić, Ljubičić (Mihajličenko 74′) – Bulat (Kulenović 74′), Mišić – Emreli, Baturina, Vidović – Petković (Drmić 44′)

This was one of the most boring derbies between Hajduk and Dinamo in the last few years. Dinamo had possession, but there were few actions and opportunities. Dinamo had no idea, and Hajduk was no better either.

The only difference is that Hajduk scored from one action to another.
Hajduk won the derby and kept first place, while Dinamo escaped to five points ahead. In the second match, the scorer was Emir Sahiti. Ivan Leko set up the team so that they could score on the counter, which is what happened.

The main stars of both teams, Livaja and Petković, were closed and separated because they were judged to be able to make a difference. Regardless, there were no opportunities. The match itself was boring.
Of course, there was crying and whining after the game. You win the derby, you have first place, you only depend on yourself, and then you cry at the referee’s decisions.

On the other hand, Dinamo must not allow this to happen because when you are defending the league title and going as far as possible in European competitions, you cannot have such an idealess game.

The stands didn’t stand still either. And again, the roll call goes to the one who did more for Croatian football than the hosts in this derby. It’s not exactly correct. First make a result, then teach others how to do it.

Our league as such is, in fact, something very bad. When the players take the field, they look like they have to run a marathon that they didn’t want to run in the first place. No one knows what is done during the preparations. Because if something was done in preparation, then there would be results in European competitions as well.

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