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Another round of the HNL was played, and the first three teams are within three points

SLAVEN BELUPO – VARAŽDIN 3:2 (Štrkalj 16′, 82′, Hoxha 18’/ Pellumbi 31′, Elezi 38′)
Slaven Belupo: Sušak – Bosec, Boras (Račić 86′), Božić, Štefulj (Martinaga 54′) – Liber, Agbekpornu, Mioč – Šakota (Cascini 62′), Štrkalj, Hoxha
Varaždin: Zelenika – Vukčević (Škaričić 85′), Jelenić (Nekić 66′), Pellumbi, Boršić – Elezi (Domjanić 85′), Postonjski, Pilj (Marina 85′) – Mitrovski, Brodić, Drožđek (Belcar 79′)

The northern derby between Slaven Belup and Varaždin did not disappoint. They played a good and exciting game. The hosts took a 2:0 lead through Štrkalj and Hoxh. The goals were scored two minutes apart and after twenty minutes it seemed that everything would go to the home team.

However, Varaždin did not give up. Brodić and Pellumbi had chances, but the latter scored in the 31st minute to reduce the score. Just seven minutes later, Elezi scores a goal to tie the score. The first half ended with a score of 2:2.

The first half was very attractive, and the second half started at the same pace. Both the hosts and the guests created opportunities. The pace slowed down a bit, but there was still excitement on both sides. The goal, however, had to wait until the 82nd minute when Štrkalj scored. With the second goal of the match, he brought victory to the hosts.

OSIJEK – RUDEŠ 3:0 (Mierez 45’+1′, Fiolić 81′, Nejašmić 90’+5′)
Osijek: Malenica – Gržan, Duarte, Bralić, Omerović (Prekodravac 90′) – Brlek, Nejašmić – Bukvić (Barišić 90′), Caktaš (Fiolić 63′), Pušić – Mierez
Rudeš: Marković – Tomečak, Pavlović, Pasariček (Campos 55′), Pavlek (Camara 46′) – Vukmanović, Srbljinović (Kovačević 73′) – Petković (Topić 55′), Latković, Špeljak – Simović (Pešić 46′)

Osijek finally won. And he did not concede a goal. The impression gained during the Osijek game must remain in the background. However, the result is always in the foreground. And three new points are written. They may have won without conceding a goal, but have they come out of the crisis? We’ll see, because in this round they played against Rudeš, who have yet to win.

Smoje couldn’t possibly do much in a few days, but he did some things well. From the beginning to the end, Osijek had the initiative in relation to the last and disastrous Rudeš. The match was not difficult to referee.

We waited for the first goal until the very end of the first half. Then Mierez scored in the first minute of stoppage time. The continuation was entered under the same impression, where Osijek had the initiative. Regardless of Osijek’s game itself, only in the 81st minute did Fiolić increase the lead. Although it seemed that the match would end with that result, Nejašmić scored in the fifth minute of stoppage time for the final 3:0.

Getting out of the crisis? We will see in the next matches how much Osijek is ready to make an effort and start winning. And what about Rudeš? They are obviously not ready for anything more. This can be seen from the results they achieved in the previous part of the championship.

RIJEKA – HAJDUK 1:0 (Janković 63′.-11m)
Rijeka: Labrović – Smolčić, Dilaver, Mitrović, Goda – Selahi (Radeljić 86′), Janković – Pašalić (Yansane 74′), Fruk (Hodža 74′), Pjaca – Ivanović (Banda 78′)
Hajduk: Lučić – Moufi (Sigur 72′), Šarlija, Elez, Melnjak – Kalik (Trajkovski 46′), Žaper – Benrahou (Dolček 72′), Krovinović (Čuić 84′), Sahiti (Odjidja-Ofoe 78′) – Livaja

This was one of the better games this season. Both the hosts and guests had a game, and from the first minute it was clear that the match would be very interesting. Hajduk started very strongly and aggressively, but Rijeka did not give up. Although Hajduk hit the post in the fourth minute, the guests still had more aggressiveness in them.

Rijeka somehow managed to get out of the aggressiveness of the guests and took possession. However, the first half was marked by many opportunities. In order not to leave it only in the visitors’ goal, the hosts managed to make a good move to score a goal in the 40th minute. Pašalić walked into the penalty area with the ball and fired violently at the goal. Only a few millimeters separated the goal. The ball bounced off the goal post and Rijeka was left without a lead in this match.

There were no chances in the second half until the 54th minute when Lucic saved a free kick and turned it into a corner. A few minutes later Rijeka had a free kick again. But throwing into the penalty area of Hajduk will be fatal for the visitors. In order to prevent a throw-in, Korvinović played with his hand and changed direction. At first glance, the referee did not award anything, but the VAR announced.

That’s how Janković got a chance to score from a penalty kick. Of course, he was precise. Hajduk wanted to play and was creating something, but not enough. Rijeka calmed down the guests to some extent. And in the end, she succeeded. The match ended with the home team winning.

The hot-cold game is not good. That way you lose the race for the championship title.

LOKOMOTIVA – GORICA 1:1 (Tuci 52./Matavž 77.)
Lokomotiva: Čavlina – Bartolec, Živković, Mersinaj, Milićević – Bubanja, Marić (from 81. Smakaj) – Goričan (from 81. Čop), Mudražija (from 71. Krivak), Šotiček – Tuci.
Gorica: Banić – Raspopović, Maloča, Krizmanić, Štiglec (from 88. Leš) – Soldo – Kapulica (from 65. Blummel), Mrzljak, Ndockyt (from 83. Šroler), Mitrović (from 65. Ilečić) – Vujnović (from 65 Matavž)

Lokomotiva and Gorica shared the points in Sunday’s game. They shared the points with a score of 1:1. This result is the best and most realistic outcome of the match for both teams.

The first half was marked by several opportunities. But the second half was a bit more attractive. Already in the 52nd minute of the match, a big mistake by the visitors’ goalkeeper happened. Tuci shot at the goal, and the ball went through the hands of the visitors’ goalkeeper and into the goal. In the 77th minute, Matavž managed to equalize the result, which was the final outcome of the match.

DINAMO – ISTRIA 1961 3:0 (Bernauer 16′, Bulat 60′, Perković 67′)
Dinamo: Zagorac – Moharrami (Ljubičić 65′), Bernauer, Perić, Perković (Sosa 78′) – Mišić (From 78. Sučić 78′), Ademi (Halilović 72′) – Baturina, Bulat, Vidović (From 65. Kaneko 65 ‘) – Emreli
Istra 1961: Majkić – Valinčić, Marešić, Majstorović, Devetak (Douglas 77′) – Petrusenko, Mlinar (Blagojević 62′) – Kadušić (Lisica 62′), Maurić (Filet 62′), Erceg – Ekong (Matheus 69′)

Dinamo had a very bad seven days behind him. Defeats against Hajduk and Ballkani did not sit well, but really, nobody. The match against Istria in 1961 was extremely important for Dinamo. He had to win to keep the plug on the championship leaders.

Dinamo squeezed Istra at the beginning, and in the 16th minute Bernauer scored to give the hosts the lead. The visitors didn’t quite manage that goal. Dinamo continued at the same pace. He was playful, had chances and looked like a team. Somewhat!

Although Istria had its opportunities, it was never able to realize them. Through Bulat, Dinamo achieved an increase in results. Just seven minutes later, Perković set the final score. Dinamo easily dealt with the guests and probably with 60% strength.

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