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After a little more than half a year, former football player Dario Šimić left Dinamo

This summer was very bad for Dinamo. But you don’t need to worry about that. Every new system enters the “old” world needs a certain amount of time to adapt. Based on one transfer window, the villains got their way.

They don’t like the new state of things, but the old one is fine. They say that the new Dinamo Board was elected illegally. Then what about the Mamić brothers? Well, they also came illegally and settled in Dinamo. And they changed the statute as the wind blew. That is, they changed it as they saw fit.

The departure of Šimić happened after a series of unfortunate circumstances, and the last thing that happened was two consecutive defeats. Those defeats were against, objectively, worse teams that did not play anything special against Dinamo. When you look at things in Dinamo at this moment, you think that everything has settled down and the impression was completely fine.

The first working meeting of the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board was held on Tuesday. It was speculated that Šimić might resign, but nothing could be known until the convocation of the Supervisory Board. Everyone in and around the club is aware that Šimić was not alone in all this. Because of everything that happened in and around the club, the players suffered the most, and then the result.

Dario Šimić did not have complete support, if he had any support at all. This was not the best for either Šimić or the club, so the simpler solution would be for him to leave the club. However, in any case, Šimić is not alone in all this. Part of the blame lies with the rest of the Board, as well as former coach Igor Bišćan, however strange it may be to hear and see.

Bišćan asked Šimić to bring in better quality reinforcements, and he got some players that he didn’t want to have in the team at all. But even that is no justification for the results he made. In his time, he had Livaković, Ivanušec and Šutal, so there was no result anyway. So the burden of guilt remains on Bišćan.

Now that there is no Šimić in the club management, the question remains who will lead the sports policy. At the moment it is not necessary to appoint someone related to the sports profession, but it would be better to do it as soon as possible. Why? No matter how far you think the transfer window is, time flies, so that time will come quickly. But, of course, coach Sergej Jakirović will also have to play a big role here. There is also a possibility that Jakirović will take over the sports part of the club.


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One of the topics of the Executive Committee was the new club statute. It is still not completely clear what will happen with the new statute, but time is passing and problems must not be brought to the club, among the players, and then among the results themselves. Part of the Executive Committee is not satisfied with the item that states that 28 deputies are elected in elections.

One of the topics was the Maksimir stadium. For the most part, most of them were quite clear about this topic. Everyone agrees that they will not see the new stadium, and that the younger ones will not see it either. Namely, the state, the city and the Church are competing over the land and the construction of the new stadium. And there is no progress at all. This topic seems to be of no interest to anyone.

What will the transfer policy look like? No one knows exactly that yet. The winter transition period should be done well. Because they didn’t take some players into their fold, and they could do some things with them without any problems that they should have gotten for sure.

God grant that everything will be arranged and that everything will go for the better so that they can progress in every sense. All in all, adapting to something new takes time. Good luck to them.

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