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RK Zagreb played a draw against the Danish club Aalborg

ZAGREB – AALBORG 30:30 (15:15)
ZAGREB: Mandić (7), Panjtar; Kos 4, Ćavar, Walczak, Faljić 1, Klarica 6, Gojun 1, Srna 7, Sirotić, Čupić 1, Dibirov 5 (2), Kavčić 2, Glavaš, Morales 3, Suholežnik
AALBORG: Landin (7), Norsten (3); Larsen, Klove, Barthold 5, Hald 3, Hoxer 6, Thurin 1, Larsen, Vlah 3, Bjornssen 5, Mollgaard, Antonsen 1, Juul, Hansen 6 (3), Munk

In their fourth game in the EHF Champions League, RK Zagreb won a point against Aalborg. Miloš Kos scored a valuable point for RK Zagreb a few seconds before the end of the game. The best for RK Zagreb were Srna with seven goals, Klarica with 6 and Dibirov with 5 goals. Among the Danes, Hoxer was the best with six goals.

There were about 4,000 spectators in the Arena Zagreb, which is quite okay considering that there were not many spectators at the previous matches. If Aleksandra Prijović had sung a few songs at halftime, maybe the whole Arena Zagreb would have been full.

The match did not start well for RK Zagreb, and they scored the first goal only in the seventh minute of the match. After that, they woke up and somehow entered the continuation of the match. RK Zagreb played well, but the matches of Croatia or Croatian clubs were not interesting without referees. It was obvious that the judges were rooting for the Danes and for their victory.

RK Zagreb slowed down Aalborg, although the guests had the help of the referees. With easy execution and strong defense, they kept the guests in suspense the whole match. The almighty Mikkel Hansen failed to do anything special. At halftime, the score was 15:15. And the players of both teams seem to have agreed that they will score the same number of goals at halftime.

For now, RK Zagreb is somehow playing against strong European teams, including the powerful Paris SG. We’ll see until when? Will Croatian handball ever recover from all the things that are happening in it? Will we ever have at least a slightly stronger league? We’ll see what happens. Let’s hope it gets better.

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