History repeats itself: Will Croatia qualify for Euro 2024?

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After winning a bronze medal in 1998, Croatia did not qualify for the 2000 European Championship. Will history repeat itself?

Wales – Croatia 2: 1 (Wilson 47 ‘, 60’/Pašalić 75 ‘)
Wales: Ward – Mepham, Rodon, Davies – Roberts, AMPad, J. James, N. Williams – Brooks (D. James 57 ‘), Wilson (Broadhead 80’) – Moore
Croatia: Livaković – Juranović (Stanišić 46 ‘), Vida, Gvardiol, Barišić (Sosa 59’) – Modrić, Brozović, Kovačić – Majer, Musa (Beljo 46 ‘), Brekalo (Pasalic 46’)

This week was a nightmare for the Croatian football team. Croatia no longer depends on itself, but also on other results of opponents from the group. Everyone is known that the Croatian was weakened for these meetings, but this is not justification for performances against Turkey and Wales. The Welts were better in aggression and a little more accurate in long balls.

In the first half, Croatia played a futile, and the midfield did not seem to exist. What happened? Absolutely nothing. The possession of the ball was usually at the feet of Croatian players. But there was no creation and opportunity. There was no shock on goal. What do we have from the ball possession? If there is no creativity and opportunity, then it is better to have no possession of the ball in your feet.

The second half began with the same pace. Already in the 47th minute Wilson scored for the host lead. The carelessness of the Croatian defense, that is, Domagoj Vide, was brilliantly used by the local player and transferred Dominik Livakovic. The first half was showing that he was capable of making Wilson.

But if it can be awful, why not be worse. It’s been a little more than 10 minutes and Wilson scored again and increased the host lead. Croatia was hopeless, but as if they realized they had to play. After one corner, Mario Pasalic scored to reduce the results that, ultimately, remained not changed.

And what now? There was absolutely nothing in the game. The defense was lost, the midfielder seemed to think elsewhere, and the attack is not worth talking. What does Croatia have no top players? If we have top players, why don’t they play? Then why wasn’t the game at top players level? Are they worn out? They don’t have a toy minute for their clubs? These are all the pirates that give the answer. Rarely does anyone play from players in their clubs, so their form is none.

Do we have the right to make mistakes again? We do not have. In just a few months we had two medals, and a month ago and two victories. We have nothing a month after that. All the effort has fallen into the water and now we need to take out in the playoffs based on the league of nations. After this game presented, the question is how we will go by. Let it be with happiness.

Do we hope for the quality of the Croatian Football League? If we are realistically, there is no too much hope and future. Because 3 of 4 clubs are regularly dropped from clubs from countries that do not have strong national teams. Honor to exclusions, that is, when they turned out to be clubs from the League of Five.

As such as such as a sports force, Croatia needs to put a lot of effort into the development of schools and clubs, and those who are holders and the main people in the national team must show what and how they do to achieve the results. Experienced players with the younger ones should always be combined. Because the future of the national team should be left to heirs who will know what to do.
For now, Croatia wanders as a goose in the fog. Croatia always has possession and even against one French, but what about the attackers and realization.

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For now, we don’t have someone like Mandžukić, Olić or Šuker. In defense, we currently have the most expensive defender in the world, but he should support him to lead the defense in the capacity he deserves – as the most expensive defender of the world. The midfield Croatia always has, but it can be very tired. Adequate replacements should also have a midfield.

Is there a fear of shooting on goal? Obviously there is. Because in the first half against Wales, Croatia did not ask a single shot on the host goal. If you want to win, you have to shoot at goal. And not walk from line to line and wait for someone to free themselves to receive the ball in the opponent’s penalty area. Croatia also needs blows to a goal outside the penalty area, so over time it will be released to enter the room for the opponent’s goalkeeper.

Croatia has a brand in the world of football. But as you can get up, so you can fall even faster. Croatia has already won third place in the World Cups and after that she remained without the European Championship. Each exactly ten years ago, Croatia lost two games in a row in qualifying, and now the same thing happened again. Is history repeated, again? We will see.

Zlatko Dalić has a safe place Croatian coach. The results are on his side. What will happen? We will see. Miroslav Ćiro Blažević also remained as the head coach when he did not reach the Euro in 2000. But after the first two games of qualifications for World Cup 2002, he resigned and Mirko Jozić found himself in his place. What is it, let it be, but just let it turn to positive.

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