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Dinamo lost again to Viktoria from the Czech Republic

VIKTORIA – DINAMO 1:0 (Chory 35′-11m)
VIKTORIA: Stanek – Dweh, Hranač, Jemalka – Kopić, Traore, Kalvach, Cadu – Jirka, Šulc (Bucha 74′) – Chory (Kliment 74′)
DINAMO: Zagorac – Ristovski, Perić, Perković, Ljubičić (Moharrami 79′) – Bulat (Sučić 46′), Mišić – Kaneko, Baturina, Špikić (Vidović 67′) – Emreli (Kulenović 46′)

Viktoria and Dinamo again met. And again the same story. The home team won after a gift from the away team. Viktoria was no better. That is, Dinamo had possession of the ball and several shots, but again no realization. That’s why the hosts used the gift as a penalty kick in the 35th minute of the match. Chory was the shooter.

Towards the end of the first half, Viktoria was a somewhat more dangerous team, as Dinamo fell after conceding a goal from a penalty kick. Dinamo went into the second half better. And the same story repeats itself, and Dinamo has no realization. Simply, Dinamo was unlucky in two situations.

The first was when Dinamo was awarded a penalty kick, so after the reaction of the VAR room and review of the footage, it was canceled. The second situation happened in the third minute of stoppage time in the second half when Dinamo scored a goal, but it was disallowed because of the backfield where Ristvoski found himself.


How far can Dinamo fall? This match showed and proved how much Dinamo was able to fall in the game. Unfortunately, the coach Sergej Jakirović did not come from the beginning of the season to prepare the team. But there’s no justification for a game that turns out to be scoreless.

Disappointing and humiliating. Dinamo lost the third game, without scoring a single goal. There is no explanation as to what is happening with Dinamo. They just can’t win and create opportunities that they can convert. When he creates an opportunity, there is no implementation. And it often happens that there are no shots on goal. It is as if the players are afraid to shoot. They showed that in many situations in tonight’s game against Viktoria.

Is it a shame to participate in the UEFA Conference League? If it’s a shame to play in this competition, then it’s an even bigger shame to lose a match or more in the same competition. Maybe the players don’t know this, but they should.

Dinamo will play against Rijeka on Sunday, and how they will fare in that match remains to be seen. Because with this game, he won’t go far. Our clubs are a bit shameful this season.

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