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Dinamo fell into a management crisis, which was reflected in the team

Another meeting of the Executive Committee of GNK Dinamo has been announced for Saturday. A new round of negotiations and talks was convened after the missed four-hour meeting on Monday. However, a new problem appeared. The Saturday meeting of the Executive Committee could also be postponed. Time goes by, and the club does not announce a new meeting.

It is speaking in GNK Dinamo lome, and the meeting might be postponed. Until further notice. The reason? Because nothing would be agreed upon there. It would not be possible to agree on the statutes, but also other important things for the operation and management of the club. On one side are Mirko Barišić and his team, and on the other are the fans. They are still on opposite sides in terms of opinions and views. And rapprochement about opinions and attitudes will not happen. At least not anytime soon.

Who wants what?

The Assembly should consist of 35+25, and the fans’ representatives still insist on 28+28+3+1. As things stand, the club does not think it would be necessary to hold a meeting of the GNK Dinamo Executive Committee. For them, it would be a waste of time. The new date of the meeting of the Executive Board is not known. It’s not even supposed to be held next week.

The fans want transparency and quality club management. To prevent new “thefts” and “smudging”, the fans want elections to be held for part of the Executive Committee. But some of the people in the club don’t like that. They think there is no need for elections. But the fans do not give up their demands and demand transparency in the club they love the most.

The meeting of the club’s Assembly is scheduled for December 21 this year, and the meeting of the Executive Committee should be held before that date. There is a stalemate in the club’s ruling structures. Differences in attitudes and opinions are increasing and there is currently discord among people in the club. Uncertainty will last for a long time in GNK Dinamo, at least for the time being.

What will the fans say?

The governance crisis is definite, and whether radicalization will occur remains to be seen. Will the fans send a “sharper” message to President Mirko Barišić and his team? What is going to happen? We will see. Dinamo has to play a match in Koprivnica on Monday, and they need a win in order to stay in step for the national championship title.

The management crisis is definitive, and now it remains to be seen what will happen in Koprivnica on Monday, and whether radicalization will occur. in the stands, whether the fans will send a “sharper” message to President Barišić and his team.

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