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After three defeats in the UEFA Conference League, Dinamo won away from Astana

ASTANA – DINAMO 0:2 (Vidović 48′, Kaneko 79′)

ASTANA: Čondrić – Harojan, Tomašević, Maročkin – Hovhanisian, Kuat (Bejsebekov 78′), Jovančić, Vorogovskij (Dosmangabetov 78′) – Ourega (od 31. Lončar), Darboe (Tomasov 64′), Astanov (Ajembetov 64′)

DINAMO: Zagorac – Moharrami, Ristovski (Perković 78′), Perić (Šutalo 75′), Ljubičić – Mišić – Kaneko, Bulat (Sučić 46′), Baturina (Halilović 78′), Vidović(Rukavina 86′) – Petković.

It was a match that allowed Dinamo to stay in the game to pass the UEFA Conference League group stage. Dinamo somehow managed to record their fourth victory against Astana this season. Namely, for the first time, these two clubs met in the second preliminary round of the Champions League qualification. Then Dinamo was better in two games and went on with a total of 6:0. As Dinamo fell into a crisis, it also reached the group stage of the Conference League, where Dinamo and Astana were drawn together. Dinamo won the first game in Zagreb with a score of 5:1, and in Astana, they won 2:0.

The first half was very weak

Dinamo began very well. Dinamo had possession, started to create chances, but did not get to the goal. And then, in the 11th minute of the match, Astana broke in front of Dinamo’s penalty area, got into a goal position, and Mišić commits a foul which the head referee characterized as the most severe penalty. Dinamo players protested to the referee, but the decision was not changed. Darboe took a free kick, but Zagorac read the side perfectly and saved the shot.

Dinamo kept pressing and creating opportunities. It just doesn’t go in. Baturina was the only one who had a chance, but he shot straight into the hands of the Astana goalkeeper. However, Astana also started to come out and move towards Dinamo’s goal, but nothing concrete happened. In a lot of situations, Dinamo looked for their attackers with long and high balls, but there were no results in the jump game. Towards the end of the first half, Bulat shot from the edge of the penalty area, but far from the goal. In general, neither Dinamo nor Astana showed anything special in the first half.

The second half was very good, and with one more player Dinamo confirmed the victory

Dinamo opened the second half in the best way. Gabriel Vidović scored for Dinamo to take the lead. After that, Dinamo squeezed and created several chances that could increase the lead. But Čondrić reacted well and saved shots directed at his goal. The lead gave Dinamo the wind behind them.

Dinamo created chances and had the ball. But as of the 74th minute, Dinamo has more players. Jovančić made a foul, and the referee showed him a yellow card. It was his second yellow card in the match, which means he was sent off. Dinamo got the chance to bring the match to a peaceful end. Already in the 76th minute, Petković headed wide. Three minutes later, the Japanese Kaneko scores a goal and Dinamo takes a 2:0 lead.

Dinamo could score a third goal in the 84th minute of the match. But Moharrami hits the post of the goal, and the ball bounces and Astana carries the ball away from their own goal. In the end, Dinamo won 2:0 in Astana. With this victory, Dinamo is currently second in its group behind Viktoria Plzen.

Could it have been better?

It definitely could have been much better. Dinamo had possession, had opportunities, and scored only two goals. From the 74th minute, he had more players, but he capitalized on that with only one goal. How strong is Astana? Astana is not strong as it has shown in all four games in these few months.

Dinamo must approach the matches more seriously. And in January, he must seriously approach transfers, but also preparations. Dinamo’s players must know how to run all 90 minutes of the match. Dinamo must capitalize on their actions and they must know how to win. Dinamo has the power and the strength to start and overcome this crisis situation.

This weekend Dinamo will play in Koprivnica against the always tricky NK Slaven Belupo.

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