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RK Zagreb beat the Hungarian PICK Szeged with a great performance, and with that victory remained in the game for the continuation of the competition

RK ZAGREB – PICK SZEGED 30:25 (17:12)
RK ZAGREB: Mandić (10+2), Grbavac; Kos 2, Ćavar, Faljić 3, Klarica 4, Gojun, Srna 6, Klis, Sirotić, Čupić 6 (4), Dibirov 4, Kavčić, Glavaš 1, Morales 3, Suholežnik. Coach Andrija Nikolić
PICK SZEGED: Mikler (3), Imsgard (5); Stepančić 2, Bodo 1, Martins 4 (3), Jelinić 3, Szita 1, Gaber 1, Šoštarić 2, Banhidi 1, Kalaraš, Molina, Garciandia 2, Bombač 1, Mačkovšek 5, Szilagyi 2 (1). Coach Kristian Karpaty

RK Zagreb is fighting well to pass the group in the EHF Champions League. Considering last years. They beat the Hungarian mega team PICK Szeged. Last season, RK Zagreb fell during the European season, and this year the situation is different. With eight points, he continues the race to pass the group. And he has a pretty good chance of going further.

The start went to the guests, and then RK Zagreb entered the scene

The visitors opened the game better. The Norwegian in the goal of the Hungarian team, Emil Imsgard, made three saves, and the hosts threw one ball into the “wind”. The beginning of the match went in the hands of the visitors and everything seemed that the match would go their “mill”.

Obviously, RK Zagreb needed a little time to settle. RK Zagreb raised the tempo of the game in defense, and Mandić woke up from his “winter sleep”. In the 11th minute, RK Zagreb had an even match, but a few minutes later they would have a 12:7 advantage.

RK Zagreb had a five goal difference in the first half. This speaks volumes about the hosts’ preparation for this match. PICK Szeged showed how wide a bench it has, but it didn’t go well with the host of this match.

First of all, thank you to the audience that supported us to play this kind of game. We were ready for all their trump cards, we missed some zicers at the beginning, but it didn’t affect us. We got more of them than they got us in Szeged, and that is the most important thing now.

Zvonimir Srna, RK Zagreb player

The second half was equal

RK Zagreb played its 6-0 defense, and everything was in order, and the guests could not match such a game. RK Zagreb set their game hard from the beginning of the second half, and the advantage grew to a ten-goal difference. That made the game more peaceful. At least for a host. So the home team relaxed a little, and they were tired of constantly attacking the field, so at one point they made mistakes.

PICK Szeged got back to five goals behind, but they couldn’t do more than that. This alone continues the optimism of the RK Zagreb. Because this way I can move on and fight with all clubs in the EHF Champions League. Now only boldly and for more victories.

I promised we would win, and we did. We played a very good and strong game and showed that we are a serious team. Now Bitola is coming, they are without points, it would seem that it will be easy, but we are all aware that it will be very difficult, that we need another great performance for that, because this may be their last chance to get a point in Champions League

Jakov Gojun, RK Zagreb player

RK Zagreb is on the rise, but how long can it last?

RK Zagreb proved that it can fight with all the clubs in the EHF Champions League. Also, unlike all the past seasons, this season they fall and not get lost. Somehow, faith in them grows. For now, they have results, they have not been embarrassed in any of their performances this season.

RK Zagreb should continue to work at this pace, and perhaps put it in “higher speed” so that it can show what it knows and can do. PICK Szeged doesn’t have as good a team as some of the other superpowers, and they have speed. This is what the Republic of Zagreb needs. They lost the last European game after the 50th minute of the game, and this one they started to tire.

It is lucky for RK Zagreb that the visitors didn’t take advantage of that. Fatigue alone makes mistakes, and in fact, the players of the hosts of last night’s game are well technically skilled and can compete with anyone. Just get fit and you’ll be fine.

RK Zagreb bid farewell to fans

Before the start of the match between RK Zagreb and PICK Szeged, the entire Arena Zagreb observed a minute of silence on the occasion of the death of a well-known fan and member of RK Zagreb, and their secretary general Davor Belošević. By winning, they honored the fan in the best possible way. At the end of the match, RK Zagreb players met with the family members of the deceased member and presented them with a jersey.

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