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Futsal Dinamo qualified for the quarter-finals of the Croatian Futsal Cup after Dražen Petrović defeated Aurelia 5-3 in the KC. The people of Vinkovci put up a very strong resistance, the match was uncertain until the last minute of the match when Tihomir Novak scored for the final 5-3. For Dinamo, Luka Perić from the six, Nikola Gudasić and Kristian Čekol scored twice.

We congratulate the guests for their great fight and resistance and wish them all the best in the continuation of the 1.HMNL championship.

Hereby, we would like to thank all the visitors of the match who made the seventh edition of the Blue Saint Nicholas. We hope that all the little ones left the game satisfied with the victory and the present.

The auction of Dinamo’s jerseys for the Judo club Fuji is still ongoing on our Facebook page.

Futsal Dinamo dominated the field from the first minute, but the visitors played with a solid block and left minimal space for our offensive players to threaten Fran Pedić at the Aurelija goal. For the first time, Dinamo seriously threatened through Tihomir Novak, who hit the post, and there was also a danger for Vinkovci’s goal after a shot from Nikola Gudasić from the right side.

Aurelia threatened for the first time in the 8th minute when, after a mistake by Dinamo’s defense, Josip Horvat broke out on Anto Piplica, but our goalkeeper saved. However, in the continuation of the action, Sandro Sušac took advantage of a new mistake by our defense and scored for the visiting team’s lead. Fortunately, in the same minute, the Blues equalized. Tihomir Novak’s kick was stopped by the visiting defender with his hand in his penalty area. Luka Perić placed the ball on the six-pointer and hit hard to level the score.

Dinamo continued to dominate, Postružin and Cekol tried, but they were not precise. Neven Zonjić had two great chances, but F. Pedić was defended. Dinamo took the well-deserved lead five minutes before going to the break. After a long action, the ball reached Gudasić, who cannonballed Pedić and scored to give Purger a 2-1 lead.

After leading Dinamo, Aurelia woke up. Rodriguez shot over the goal, and then Petar Pedić scored on a pass from his brother, Fran Pedić, after he dribbled out of Luka Perić. Aurelia tied the score at 2-2.

However, by the break, we regained the advantage. Kristijan Postružin took the ball in the last third of the field, passed it to his namesake Čekola, who scored for Dinamo’s lead of 3-2. With that result, we went to rest.

Dinamo was the first to threaten in the continuation through Perić, but F. Pedić remained at the level from the first part. The goalkeeper from Vinkovac came out as the winner in the duel with our pivot on two more occasions and kept Aurelia alive. The yellow and black threaten again through Gustavo Da Costa, but Piplica is safe. In the continuation of the action, Gudasić did not take advantage of a good opportunity for a counter attack.

We separated for the first time with two differences in the 30th minute after a nice action in which T. Novak, Perić, Konsuo and Čekol took part, who with a strong shot checked Pedić for a 4-2 lead for Dinamo. Perić was soon able to start the game, but the great action did not bear fruit.

Nine minutes before the end, Aurelia started the game with the goalkeeper-player and very quickly fertilized the numerical advantage in the field, Josip Horvat scored to return to -1.

However, Dinamo managed to neutralize the visitors until the end of the game, who on several occasions continued to try with the player-goalkeeper. It was in doubt until the 39th minute when Horvat earned a red card. Čekol had an opportunity from the penalty area for a hat trick, but he hit the goal post. Dinamo made more use of the player in the 53rd second before the end. Tihomir Novak scored the points with a thunderous shot for the final 5-3 and placement in the final tournament.

Next up is our last match in 2023, on Friday in the ninth round of the championship we are visiting Futsal leaders Pula (6:00 p.m.). With a victory, we want to conclude the most successful season in history!

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