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The 18th Round of the HNL was played, and most of the leading clubs lost points

LOKOMOTIVA – HAJDUK 1:1 (Goričan 25’/ Benrahou 75′)
LOKOMOTIVA: Čavlina – Bartolec (Žilinski 84′), Živković, Mersinaj, Leovac – Marić, Bubanja (Kalaica 70′), Mudražija (Krivak 61′) – Šotiček (Čop 84′), Goričan, Tuci
HAJDUK: Lučić – Sigur, Uremović, Šarlija, Diallo – Pukštas, Žaper (Moufi 87′), Krovinović (Kalik 54′) – Sahiti (Benrahou 70′), Livaja, Dajaku (Odjidja-Ofoe 70′)

Lokomotiva and Hajduk shared the points at Kranjčevićeva Street. Although Hajduk somehow played in a home atmosphere, they did not manage to register a seventh consecutive victory, although they are still undefeated. The guests can be happy with the point. And in a few weeks, their third away game will follow at Maksimir.

The guests looked pretty casual. They probably thought that they would have an easy time against Lokomotiva and that they would simply win. The nonchalance of the visitors cost them the victory. The hosts were not afraid of the guests and the crowd of visiting fans, who faltered this time as well. Because cheering is not their forte. Of course, except for insulting and making a mess. Until when will this terror last? As long as they don’t hold a grudge against anyone. And then repression and mistreatment from all sides will bleed again.

So far, they have a positive streak of seven games without defeat, but how long will that last? This team is somewhat limited and it’s only a matter of time before they falter again. But how will the transition period and preparations work? It remains to be seen when the time will come for that.

At this moment, it is Lokomotiva that played 1:1 with Osijek and Rijeka, and now with Hajduk. However, Lokomotiva is still without a win in recent times. Nevertheless, regardless of the state of the rankings, we watched a specific match. Opportunities were on both sides.

Lokomotiv had a better start to the match. They created several chances, although Hajduk managed to get their one chance. The locomotive worked better. She did not relax. She has shown her muscles and that she can play in this, already weak league. After the initial part of the match, the match opened up. Actions and opportunities sprang from all sides. But in the 25th minute of the match, Lokomotiva took the lead over Gorčan. With the advantage of Locomotive, we also went on holiday.

The second half began in the same vein. Lokomotiva started with several chances. But that didn’t mean that the visitors were on a trip, at least that’s what it looked like in the second half. In the 65th minute, Dayaku scored a goal, but it was disallowed due to a legitimate situation. But ten minutes later, Benrahou scored and this time the goal was awarded. Hajduk equalized. There were chances until the end of the match, but the result did not change.

Hajduk is in first place, but Rijeka has one game less, and Dinamo has two games less.

GORICA – ISTRA 1961 0:0
GORICA: Banić – Raspopović, Maloča, Krizmanić, Štiglec – Mrzljak, Soldo, Pršir (Munksgaard 66′) – Matavž, Jurić (Mitrović 82′), Vujnović (Leš 8′)
ISTRA 1961: Majkić – Kadušić, A. Majstorović, Marešić, Devetak (Douglas 75′) – Mlinar (Josipović 64′), Blagojević, Mauriić (Filet 89′) – Matheus (Čuić 75′), Erceg, Vuk

Istra and Gorica shared the points without any goals. The hosts kept o:o even though they ran out of players early. Already in the 3rd minute of the match, the hosts were left without Krešimir Krizmanić. For the 17th time in a row, Gorica remained undefeated at its stadium.

All the plans of the hosts failed because of fewer players, and Istria 1961 was expected to dictate the pace of the match. It took almost half an hour until the first shot on goal, and then the action of both clubs began. But the result was not changing.

The start of the second half was marked by a siege on the home team’s goal but without any change in the score. All 10 players of the home team were mostly in their half. It is certain that Banić expressed himself and had his hands full. The result did not change from the beginning to the end of the match.

DINAMO – RUDEŠ 1:0 (Kulenović 76′)
DINAMO: Nevistić – Perković, Šutalo, Ljubičić, Moharrami (Ristovski 46′) – Sučić (Kulenović 67′), Mišić – Špikić (Ademi 58′), Vidović (Emreli 79′), Kaneko (Marin 79′) – Petković
RUDEŠ: Marković – Ferreira Campos, Pavlović, Tomečak (Matić 71′), Šehić – Pasariček (Mašala 81′), Srbljinović (Lazarov 61′), Bašić – Oddei (Latković 71′), Pešić, Topić (Špeljak 61′).

Dinamo recorded another win. It was the fourth consecutive victory, defeating Rudeš with a minimum score. Dinamo can now quietly wait for the last two games of the year. First, they will play a UEFA Conference league match against Ballkani on Thursday, and a Sunday “derby” against Hajduk. With victories, Dinamo would improve its impression in this half-season.

Even before the match, three points were registered on Dinamo’s account. It was not an easy match. However, Dinamo had possession and created a few chances, but without concrete realization. They only scored one goal. One, but a worthy one. On the counter, Rudeš had opportunities, which was even good for them. But they did a good job defensively. They only had one mistake, and that was when they conceded a goal.

In the second half, Dinamo played with much better quality. He made his way in all directions, but the goal didn’t come until the 76th minute. Japanese Kaneko assisted Sando Kulenović with a header from the right side, who easily scored for Dinamo to take the lead.

Both goalkeepers had their day, but Marković did not have much of a chance to defend the goal he conceded. Most of the match was spent in Dinamo’s possession, and Rudeš created a dense block and strong defense.

Dinamo has a problem. They have possession of the ball, and they try to create some chances, but without realizing it. On the other hand, Dinamo’s defense is very leaky, and they still need to survive two games. Both matches are very important for Dinamo.

VARAŽDIN – OSIJEK 2:2 (Postonjski 38′-11m, Pilj 70’/Mierez 6′, Bralić 90’+2′)
VARAŽDIN: Zelenika – Vukčević, Škaričić, Jelenić, Bručić (Bukvić 46′) – Postonjski, Pilj (Mištrafović 90’+3′), Belcar (Brodić 46′) – Mitrovski (Nekić 83′), Šego, Drožđek (Marina 65′ )
OSIJEK: Malenica – Guedes (Matković 77′), Duarte, Bralić, Drambajev (Omerović 46′) – Prekodravac, Nejašmić (Jugović 61′) – Bukvić (Gržan 46′), Caktaš (Brlek 61′), Lovrić – Mierez

And the Drava River has its derby. Varaždin and Osijek shared the points, and the game ended with a score of 2:2. Both teams continue to fast in HNL. Varaždin still remembers its last victory at the end of September, and Osijek at the end of October,

The match began well. Already in the 6th minute of the match, Mierez gives the guests the advantage. The assistant referee raised the flag, but the VAR room intervention confirmed the goal. Osijek led 1:0. Soon after that, Lovrić and Mierez created a good chance, but Lovrić’s volley was not accurate. However, the next goal had to wait until the 38th minute when Postonjski scored from the penalty kick. By the end of the half, there were several opportunities, but nothing concrete.

Varaždin did better, but Osijek was not without opportunities either. In the 70th minute of the match, Pilj scored for a turnaround and the lead of the home team. Varaždin deserved the lead because it somehow seemed colorful. But how can you do without drama? There were a few chances until the end of the match, but in all the drama, Bralić scored to equalize in the second minute of injury time.

Osijek no longer has the right to complain and look for an alibi. Osijek is playing disastrously, and this is a sign that something must be done in the transition period and during preparations. Of course, if they want to do something and play European competitions the following year.

RIJEKA – SLAVEN BELUPO 2:4 (Ivanović 78′, Obregon 89’/Štrkalj 45’+3′, Mioč 70′, Caimacov 77′, Hoxha 85′)
RIJEKA: Labrović – Veiga (Obregon 65′), Dilaver, Mitrović (Galešić 79′), Čabraja (from 58. Radeljić ) – Hodža, Banda (Petrovič 58′) – Pašalić, Fruk, Pjaca (Grgić 65′) – Ivanović
SLAVEN BELUPO: Sušak – Pllana (Bosec 67′), Boras, Međimorec, Štefulj – Agbekpornu, Lepinjica – Liber (Caimacov 60′), Mioč, Hoxha (Hlevnjak 90′) – Štrkalj (Šakota 90′)

Rijeka experienced a disaster at Rujevica. Slaven Belupo won on the road, and the result of the game was 2:4 for the visitors. This was a painful landing for Rijeka, and the guests ended their long streak of invincibility. Rijeka started the game well and had several chances.

As the minutes ticked by, Slaven Belupo got to the ball and had several chances. However, the goal did not fall until the third minute of stoppage time in the first half. The shooter was Štrkalj. With the lead of the guests, we went for a break.

The number of shots they had on goal, the more they scored. Slaven Belupo scored in the 70th minute, and Mioč was the scorer. Seven minutes later, Caimaco scores for a three-goal lead for the guests, and a minute later, Ivanovic reduces the score. In the 85th minute, Hoxha scored the guests’ fourth goal, and four minutes later, Obregon scored for 2:4. With that result, the match ended.

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