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RK Zagreb won on the road at Pelister and thus shows that it is growing and that it is a serious team

PELISTER – RK ZAGREB 22:23 (10:13)
PELISTER: Lesjak, Ghetbane (12); Cehte, Tajnik 2, Kisum, Borzaš 1, Tankovski, Radivojević 1, F. Kuzmanovski 8 (7), Kosteski, Petrović 4, P. Atanasijević, Vasiljev 2, Peševski 3, Seri, P. Atanasijević
RK ZAGREB: Mandić (18+1), Grbavac; Kos 1, Ćavar, Faljić 1, Klarica 4, Gojun, Srna 2, Klis, Sirotić 1, Čupić 3 (1), Dibirov 2, Kavčić 4, Glavaš, Morales 3

In the Boro Ćurlevski hall, RK Zagreb defeated Pelister. It was not easy or simple for anyone to win this game. However, RK Zagreb did a great thing and took the victory from North Macedonia. Now there is a break, and the competition resumes after the European Handball Championship. RK Zagreb has proven that it can play with stronger and weaker teams, without having to worry about whether it will win a point.

RK Zagreb was supposed to win this match, which was not easy. Of course, although Pelister in Bitola never loses games easily. This was also proven in this match. RK Zagreb played this game without Walczak. And this reduced his player rotation. However, this is a situation that RK Zagreb has become accustomed to in past encounters.

RK Zagreb has positioned itself excellently and decisively from the very beginning. Strong defense with even better Matej Mandić. In the first half, Mandić made 13 saves. It was a difficult situation for Zvonimir Srna, who had two dismissals in the 11th minute. The problem is that there was no Walczak. Thus, Suholežnik had to enter the game, and thus do the work.

Maybe the hall was not full, but the former players of Vardar Čupić, Dibirov, and Moralessa got a “portion” of insults from the stands. In the same way, Mandić was on the wallpaper of the home team’s fans when he saved the seven-pointer. For RK Zagreb, there were no problems and he handled it very well. Regardless of all that, the pressure was very high, and in support of that he says how the Secretary was expelled. The hosts also had a situation when they received two “nobody’s” balls, which they turned into goals.

RK Zagreb did not falter. He had calmness, he was excellent, and they passed the defense, so the result was always on the plus. Mandić and the defense dictated the tempo of the game, and the hosts had a hard time parrying even though they knew how to take advantage of the opportunities they had. The visitors managed to score a difference at halftime. The score was 13:10 for RK Zagreb.

The second half started with Pelister playing 7 on 6, and RK Zagreb first did not take advantage of two “goal to goal” opportunities, but then scored two goals. The home team got nervous. Then Pelister started with a 5-1 defense, so they were looking for a change and a provocation to reach the guests. Due to the rashness of RK Zagreb, this is what happened. RK Zagreb had a goal advantage in the 44th minute. Let’s mention that Srna had to leave the game due to the third dismissal.

In the end, RK Zagreb managed to win with a score of 23:22 and take away the points from North Macedonia. It was a tough fight, especially RK Zagreb with itself. RK Zagreb and the other teams will continue the competition after the European Championship.

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