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Croatia is in the finals of the European championship

CROATIA – HUNGARY 11:8 (2:2, 2:0, 3:4, 4:2)
CROATIA: Bijač, Burić, Fatović, Lončar, Biljaka, Bukić, Vukičević, Žuvela, Marinić Kragić, Vrlić, Burić, Harkov, Popadić
HUNGARY: Banyai, Tatrai, Varga, Pohl, Vi.Vigvari, Nagy, Fekete, Burian, Kovacs, Ve.Vigvari, Vismeg, Harai, Gyapjas

Croatia is again in the final of the European Championship, where Spain awaits. Croatia beat Hungary 11:8 in a relatively easy semi-final match. But we didn’t even expect that it would be easy and simple. But Croatia somehow controlled the match and that the whole time. Perhaps the third part of the game is questionable, but nothing serious happened.

Croatia took the lead, but the first quarter ended in a draw, while with two goals in the second half, Croatia took a lead that it did not relinquish throughout. The third quarter of the match was perhaps the most difficult for Croatia, but they did not lose the lead. The last part of the game was perhaps the most perfect in this game. Croatia controlled the game and secured another final.

Croatia was up to every task. The defense and attack had heads and tails, although it got to the point where it was difficult to play. It was shown that there was no surrender and that Hungary would not be able to play easily. And she did not play it easy. If Croatia continues to play like this in the finals, then there will be no problems. Will they win the European Championship title in Zagreb after the final in Split? Let’s hope it does.

The semi-finalists in Zagreb were the same as the ones in Split. They are Croatia, Hungary, Spain and Italy. Let’s mention that in the second semi-final match Spain beat Italy 7:4. Croatia and Spain will play in the final, and the third place will be decided by a match between Italy and Hungary. Let’s mention that Hungary is going to the Olympic Games in Paris, while Croatia and Spain have yet to secure them. If they fail to do so, their next chance is at the World Championships in Doha where four teams go to the Games. The Olympic Games were provided by France, Hungary, Greece, the USA, Australia, Japan, and the Republic of South Africa.

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