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In the second match of the EHF EURO 2024, Croatia did not manage to beat the Austrian national team

CROATIA – AUSTRIA 28:28 (14:12)
CROATIA: Ivić, Mandić; Mihić, Duvnjak, Šostarić 2, Karačić, Načinović 1, Mamić, Cindrić, Lučin, Martinović, Šipić, Glavaš, Srna, Klarica, Jelinić
AUSTRIA: Häusle, Möstl; Mahr, Božović, Frimmel, Beloš, Herburger, Weber, Živković, Mittendorfer, Dambock, Bilyk, Wagner, Nigg, Huteček, Miskovez

Croatia did not manage to record another victory at the EHF European Championship. With a win against Austria, Croatia would secure a place in the second round of the tournament. But, unfortunately for Croatia, she failed to do so. Now Romania is the next one, once upon a time, it was a superpower in this sport. And we’ll see how they will play against Croatia.

Against Austria, Croatia opened the match excellently, but Austria did not give up. In one moment, Austria came back to only one goal behind. But that didn’t help them because Croatia went to the break with the score of 14:12. Austria proved to be a strong opponent, but Croatia kept the advantage on their side the whole time and did not allow any surprises.

Croatia did not open well in the first ten minutes of the second half. It was goal after goal, and at one point Austria had the lead. In that period, Croatia had several errors and failures. But in the middle of the second half, Croatia scored three goals in a row and returned the lead to their side. Since regaining the lead, Croatia hasn’t let it go.

Of course, what would be without drama? In the last minute, Croatia had an equal score and the last attack. But she did not capitalize on her attack. At the end of the match, Croatia and Austria played 28:28, thus sharing the points. Now the victory against Spain has gone down the drain. Croatia fell after that game, and perhaps that led to this result.

However, Austria is still able to get out of the tournament. But surprises have already taken place at this championship. Who knows what will happen in the further part of the contest? We’ll see how the tournament progresses. It’s not a big deal to lose a point, but you can’t stand some things and run out, obviously, a weaker opponent. Or maybe not a weaker opponent? Who will know it?

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