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Croatia managed to qualify for the second round of the EHF European Championship in handball

CROATIA – ROMANIA 31:25 (16:12)
CROATIA: Mandić, Klarica, Cindrić, Srna, Kušan, Šoštarić, Jelinić, Kuzmanović, Mihić, Glavaš, Šipić, Lučin, Mamić, Duvnjak, Karačić, Maraš
ROMANIA: Iancu, Grigoras, Stanciuc, Buzle, Dedu, Nistor, Negru, Vasile, Ghita, Dragan, Ilie, Cumpanici, Militaru, Racotea, Tarita, Nagy, Csaba, Constantina

Croatia beat Romania 31:25 and will most likely carry 2 points to the tournament’s second round. The first round of the EHF EURO 2024 has been completed, and in the second round, old acquaintances who played in Group A are waiting for Croatia. These are Germany and France, as well as Hungary and, most likely, Iceland.

Croatia had a tough first half. But it was known that the Romanians played a very strong defense, but also that they would very easily take advantage of gifts if they were served. Croatia created opportunities and realized them, while at some point they fell in the attack game, which Romania knew how to use and get closer to the goal behind. In the end, Croatia went into the break with a four-goal difference.

The second half is not very good for Croatia. Romania came to a goal behind, but Croatia left with a six to seven goal difference. Somehow, Croatia kept that distinction. Croatia did a good offensively and defensively, although there were glitches in both directions. In the end, Croatia beat Romania with a six-goal difference.

Errors in attack and defense should be eliminated because opponents in the second round will punish those errors. Especially when we are talking about Germany and France. Good luck in the rest of the tournament.

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