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Dinamo beat Rudeš in the last match, and before that, they experienced a severe shock on the road in Greece. However, now there is a break due to the national teams playing the agreed matches. During that period, the Zagreb club could have a turning point of the season. In other words, they should be more ready to defend their championship title.

Namely, Marko Rog, Luka Stojković, Dino Perić, Arijan Ademi, Takuya Ogiwara, Marko Bulat, Martin Baturina, and Mahir Emreli are training again with the first team and should soon play and thus strengthen the team at the end of the season.

Rog and Stojković play the positions that bother Jakirović the most, and they don’t have much competition there. There is no ideal option for these positions, so it is good that Rog trains in full training, and he only needs a little time to adapt to reach the required level.

Sadegh Moharrami and Lukas Kačavenda are the only players that the coach of Dinamo will not be able to count on. Their injuries are quite serious, and thus it is very likely that they will not be in the squad before the next season.

In defense, Perić and Ogiwara should play, and there is also an option in which Perković is in the position of the defender and Ogiwara is in the position of the left-back. The second option is Perić as a defender, and Perković remains as the left-back. Nevertheless, we will wait for the matches between Dinamo and Hajduk, and see how it will look on the field and what Jakirović has at his disposal.

All of them would be great reinforcements for Dinamo. Hajduk, on the other hand, also has problems with injuries, but recovery is nowhere near. From the top, Rijeka, which is in the best situation, smiles with satisfaction.

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