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For the first time in its history, elections were held at GNK Dinamo, and the victory was won by the fans

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No elections have been held in Dinamo since it was founded. And that was until March 2 of this year, when the lists that would enter the club were selected. One list was “Dinamo above all” where Otto Barić Jr. was the holder, and the second was “Dinamo’s Spring” where the holder was the club legend Velimir Zajec. The list where Zeko was the winner won, and the victory was very important because the fans stood behind it. In that way, they introduced democratization to the club.

However, a week later, on Sunday, March 10, an even more important fight followed, and that was the fight in which the fans participated against those who were already in the club with Mirko Barišić at the head of that column. It was a fight in which there was a lot of subterfuge, or at least there were attempts to subvert in various forms. In the end, Velimir Zajec was elected president, who received 31 votes of members of the assembly, while Mirko Barišić received 19 of them, while two were abstentions.


On April 26, 1911, the 1st HŠK Građanski Zagreb was founded, and then it was dissolved by a communist decree, to be succeeded by Dinamo. The link between these two clubs will always be strong and unbreakable, but in the past, there were a lot of things that went against this club. The club’s presidents and leadership were elected in different ways.

But the darkest era of the club in terms of club management started back in the 90s and lasted until a few days ago. Namely, with the liberation of Croatia from the former state, the new government decided to return the name Građanski (the full name is HAŠK Građanski) and then changed the name to Croatia. Of course, almost all fans were against the new name and any change. With this, they entered into an open conflict against the government that led Croatia at the time.

At that time, the main and responsible person in the club was Zlatko Canjuga, who made arrangements with the top of the state. He didn’t listen to the fans, but whoever is stronger is the one that oppresses. They didn’t care about the fans and they didn’t want to have an open dialogue with the fans. Truth be told, the club had very good results back then, but who cared what others thought?


However, as he is the first president of the country, it was clear then that Zlatko Canjuga also had to step down from the position of the main and responsible person. However, the club was on the verge of bankruptcy, the debts existed and were large for Croatian circumstances, and there was no money in sight. On one side at least

At that time, until recently President Mirko Barišić wanted to enter the club. He ran for and beat Zlatko Canjuga with a score of 22-15. That’s how he became the new club president. As he was working at Siemens, the club received a financial injection and saved the club from complete collapse.

And just when you think things are getting better, Baršić puts a man against whom fans have fought for years in important positions. Of course, we are talking about Zdravko Mamić, who managed the club for years in a way that he should not have. Numerous conflicts have brought him to the level that many hate and cannot stand. From conflicts with journalists, fights with journalists to sending the police to live on fans, were some of the cases that contributed to the hatred towards this man.


It took years and decades to bring some things to a minimum of democracy in the club. Barišić relented and made changes to the statute. As they digested, they changed, and then they tried to implement some things to deceive the fans.

The change in the club’s statute made it easier for the election to come to Dinamo. The day of March 2 will be remembered as the greatest day in the recent history of Dinamo. The first elections in Dinamo were held, and the victory was won by the list of Dinamo’s spring with Velimir Zajec at the head of that list. As he won the election against Otto Barić, Zajec got the chance to become the first president elected by the fans. A week later Zajec won the elections against Mirko Barišić.


Velimir Zajec is one of the club’s greatest legends, and he is very close to the fans. Zajec certainly knows a lot about the sports aspect, which Dinamo needs more than anything. In the coming seasons, Dinamo will dominate every segment in terms of players than in previous seasons, and they will maintain their position very high. There should be no problem with that.

It is necessary to mention that finances can always be a problem. But entrepreneurs and businessmen who have many years of experience in the business and economic world have joined the club. Let’s hope that everything will stabilize financially and that everything will go on its normal and quality path.


It may seem crazy, but Dinamo, and also Zagreb, need a stadium with more than 60,000 seats. People should be allowed to return to the stadium and socialize at the matches, but also before and after them, should be one of the main events that they can afford for their family. But for friends as well. To get people, it is necessary to provide various other content related to the stadium. There are many of them and we will talk about it in another article.

Every club in the world has its sports camp. That camp has never been connected to the stadium. Most of the camps are located in other locations, and most often next to positions that are accessible to everyone in any way. Every sports camp must have accompanying content to the sport that is the main sport, even though there are other sports in European countries as well. An example is Real Madrid and Barcelona, which, in addition to football as the biggest part of the team, also have a women’s football team, futsal, basketball, handball and other sports. And according to that, a sports camp should also be made. In addition to the sports content, there is also entertainment content.

If NK Zagreb had its camp separately from the registered stadium where it played official matches, why shouldn’t Dinamo, which has had great and huge successes, also have one? Let’s hope that Dinamo and Zagreb will get a stadium and camp that befit it.

May the new leadership of Dinamo have lots of luck and sports results.

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