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There was a lot of dust about the VAR system and everything that was going on with the refereeing in Croatia

A VAR, or video assistant referee, is an official in football who assists the referee by reviewing decisions using video footage and giving advice based on those reviews. Also in the VAR room is the Assistant Video Assistant Referee (AVAR) is a person who assists the VAR in the video operation room. It is the responsibility of the AVAR to conduct and review actions in the field, and to keep records of incidents that can be reviewed. After numerous tests, it was entered into the Laws of the Game by the International Football Board (IFAB) on March 3, 2018.

Why did we start the text with the VAR definition? Because one should know what VAR is and what it is for. It will always serve as an aid to judges in making decisions, but cannot make decisions for them. Referees are the main people on the field and they should have the main say when it comes to judging, and they have to be impartial. This can always lead to controversies and debates, but also arguments.

In the world of football, as the world’s most popular sport, there will always be skeptics and optimists. There will always be different views on the trials, on the tactics, or something similar. In the same way, there are good teams and less good teams. The less good ones will always have some kind of complaint. That’s the case in Croatia.



There are such cases in other leagues as well, including in the leagues of the top five. Just look at Real Madrid and Barcelona and how they compare. Perhaps they would return to an earlier era, that is, to the era before VAR, but we will stick to the time after its introduction.

Real Madrid is getting on, and other clubs with a similar or the same history are in no different position. There are many mistakes in Premier League games. In the autumn of 2023, this season, in the match between Liverpool and Tottenham, a regular goal of Liverpool was canceled and that was just after a mistake by the referees in the VAR room. It’s no better than other leagues. This kind of thing happens in France and Germany too.

No league is as good and clean as that. Starting from the top five leagues, and first from the English and Spanish leagues, to much lower quality leagues such as Moldova or some others similar. Well, the blood organizations themselves are full of people who make bad decisions or decisions that only fall to subordinates.


An unusual event happened in Croatia. While in other leagues recordings from the VAR room and conversations between VAR referees and the head referee are not made public, in Croatia recordings from the VAR room have been leaked to the public. It is a unique case that has marked Croatian football. If a mistake has been made, then it is necessary to admit what happened and fix it. But in Croatia, not everything is that simple. He looks up to everyone and everything.

Videos from the VAR room have been leaked to the public, with which they want to discriminate against the work of the national association and the competition in which the fight between three clubs fighting for the championship title is ongoing. The videos should show what the problem is, many live in the belief that good things have been done, but they have dug a hole for themselves into which they could easily fall.

Why has it happened now? When you are fighting for the title, and your game is bad throughout the championship, and you record a series of bad results, you question what you need to do and what you need to do. The president of the club in question is also aware that he cannot do anything without euphoria, drama, and rowdyness. They have won two in a row, but you still have one more round of competition to go. The real question is how long can you stay lucky. They have the courage in everything, but they don’t have the brains.

Sensation of how it is refereed and what is shown using the VAR room footage should be avoided. The footage from the VAR room has not yet been leaked to the public. Only in Croatia is this possible. And from those who complain the most and despise everyone around them. I guess they think they will succeed in their intentions whatever they are. But it is well known that whoever digs a hole, falls into it himself.



A lot of things need to change. First, reduce euphoria and do not dramatize. Two, start playing. Because the flash in the game is not what you need, but a serious game. Every club needs to ensure dignity and good play for itself and show it on the field. This is not at all simple. But it can be implemented.

If we already have a problem with the judges, then remove them from the system so that cancer disappears. Young judges need to be supported. And you can do that by providing them with additional education related to the judging itself. The Association stated that until the end of the season, all derbies will be refereed by elite referees from the UEFA Champions League, who, at the same time, make a lot of mistakes and barely pass marks. If they are the yardstick, let the Croatian judges learn to judge and give them recommendations on how to do their job as well as possible.

If a club releases the recordings to the public, then one should ask what their goal is, and where they got the recordings from. They are fighting crime, and they are the ones who committed the crime. Well, you only have to look at who is their president. And this is a man who committed all possible criminal acts in Dubrovnik and ended up as the president of a club who only knows how to whine and cry. They love “Mamić” for the poor. And yes, they should decline the punishment for everything they did, not support them. Although many others should be punished as well.

In the end, everyone should be equal and equally punished. It remains to be seen whether the Croatian Football Association will react properly! Until then, good luck to all!

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